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Brittle Vulnerability, Tender Fear And Freeing Your Heart

Don’t try to be strong.

Be a mess

Be a bundle of unexplained feelings,

growing out of nowhere like wild flowers in a field.

Let all your fears out

And watch their joy

Like birds breaking free

From a cage.

Even with a broken wing

A bird , or a fear,

Will take freedom

At any time.

Keep your vulnerability

Moist and exposed.

Let me tell you

A secret - it will not hurt.

Getting sick

Or old

Or lack of money

Is the vulnerability

Of simply being human

With a tender body and heart.

Washing your feelings, fears and wants

with bright day light, pouring them into a narrative

of a poem, a painting, a dance, a friendship is how your vulnerability comes to life.

In every feeling and every heart’s idea lives a piece of your soul. Yes, even in your fears.

“God circled a map for you

exactly where you are” said Hadiz. But you,

A true pilgrim of life

Need to sweat, bleed and die

Before you let a tear

Confess to the hardship

Of running away from your own voice, your own style,

Your own map of life.

Fear of being forgotten

Fear of missing out

Fear of being left behind

Fear of losing your sanity and your ground.

Fear of staying alone

Fear of never be loved or touched

Fear of falling apart

Fear of not doing what you’re meant to do in this life

Each are a vulnerable bird

Flying out to freedom with a piece of your soul.

And then. You see the parts in you

that will never be wrong or wronged

and will never get sick old or poor.

The part in you that is indestructible.

The part in you that is really you.


If you'd like to use the time you have to free yourself up from old fears, to be free to follow what your heart really wants without being caged to shame and self criticism, I have prepared something for you.


5 week journey into your unfettered heart

Self-love for the exhausted mind Self-love at the edge of the vulnerable parts Self-love for your abandoned gifts Self-love for the part that's starving for validating Self-love for the anxious and critical self Self-love for the beautiful human that you are

The full program is offered on the basis of pay-from-the-heart. The starting date pushed to April 22nd

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