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What Is Forgiveness

Sometimes it’s a simple letting go of a misunderstanding that hurt you,

but didn’t twist your life upside down. Sometimes it’s finding a way to quite the echo of unkind words or deeds

that keep on spinning around and around in your mind. Sometimes it’s recovering from the sour taste of lies or the bitterness of betrayal.

Instead of waiting for the bitter ones to transform to sweetness,

forgiveness might be embracing other tastes

that are already sweet and delicious to your heart. Sometimes it’s rebuilding trust.

In your self, the other

or even trust in the world and the universe. Sometimes it’s a simple wish for healing,

for genuine connection, to be seen and loved. Sometimes it’s being able to see the other person’s pain

only to realise that they didn’t mean bad,

they were immersed in their own suffering. Sometimes it’s befriending your own pain.

And perhaps learning how to genuinely give yourself what the other couldn’t give you,

even if it was you mum. Sometimes it’s taking the time to unknot the bond

between you and the hurter (even if the hurter is you to yourself).

Like a patient wise weaver, uniting thread after thread after thread. Forgiveness always starts with understanding what it is. For you. Right now. Breathing new life to dark and dusty places. Breathing your way into a new relationship with the past. Sometimes forgiveness is knowing you actually can’t forgive. Not right now. Maybe not never. But the heart of forgiveness is within you when you give yourself the permission to say ‘that’ I cannot forgive. And you stay in the power of recognition of your heart. That gives more room for forgives to make a small step towards you. Take forgiveness down to earth. Find out how she looks like in your eyes. Find out how she feels when you touch her. Find out how you sense her through your body. It is only when you give tangible volume to divine qualities such as forgiveness that a deep mystical process becomes possible and accessible. TWO SPOTS LEFT for the Forgiveness workshop. Nov 3rd 10am. JOIN HERE

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

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