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The Four Most Important Assets That Will Make You Rich

In an interesting conversation with my friend I heard myself say “I know some good therapists. I consider them an assets in my life”. I surprised myself because I never before thought about my therapists, coaches, mentors and teachers as assets We’re missing the point when we understand assets as physical material. The real ones are internal - not external. I have a lot of answers to the question I'm posing for you, but I wanted to stay with the one that surprise myself. Because all these people in my life are around help. Here are four of your most important assets: LOOKING FOR HELP. When I was 27 I wasn’t looking for help. But I needed it. I didn’t have a single night without a nightmare. Hand on heart, ask yourself what in your life is screaming for help and you just don’t look for it. You say you can put up with it, there are other important things at the moment, there's so much going on now you'll look for it again when things are more calm... The list of putting ourselves on hold is ENDLESS. If you don’t initiate a search you’re poor. You're running on empty energy, abusing your reserves and probably your loved ones', wasting time on being stuck in limiting believes and limited life.

Looking for something is the doorway to find it

ASKING FOR HELP. You can spend hours on reading about the people who can help you. Maybe even found one you like and you're reading/listening to everything they have out there for free but you still don’t make the extra step to ask. The assets of asking for help teaches you the richness of vulnerability, trusting in what you find and in your inner resources. Back then, when I went to that psychologist, I came with conditions. If she’s going to say how amazing I was in spite of growing up with a mentally ill mother I’m walking straight out of the door. She didn’t. And I asked for her help. You need to learn the terms of your asking, but you won't if you don't start to ask.

When we save on ourselves we end up paying a big price

RECEIVING HELP. It’s not enough to look for the best Italian restaurant in town and order your desired plate of pasta. You actually need to sit down and eat it! I’ve taken so many courses and complained they did nothing for me but I know now I wasn’t open to receive because my ego was in the way. I was there and still thinking I know better. I was there and still hanging on the childish idea I’m misunderstood. I wasn’t there actually. But my ego was. Receiving is vulnerable because it puts down to rest the ego head of thinking if we don't know something we're somehow weak or less.When people tell me it's easier for them to give than receive I say (or sometime just think to myself) you're using giving as a distraction from your own pain.

When you finally open up to receive what you need you know what and how to give the world what it needs.

USING HELP. Absorbing help without using it is like buying all the food you need and store in the cellar - just in case. I like to store packages of sea-salt I buy in bulks when I travel to Italy but when I run out of one package I use the next one or book my next trip to Italy. The application process is the highest alchemy. This is where you grow to your full potential and you are rich in the right places.

When you put down ideas of how life should be you have space to apply the help you've received and witness how your life is and becoming.

WHICH ONE OF THESE ASSETS ARE YOUR STRONGEST? WHICH YOUR LEAST USED? Simply put, I can be one of your assets. All you need is ask. I have space for 3-4 more new Life Alignment clients. Click the here and book your first call.

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