Open To That Shame

February 8, 2019

The lines of shame are small and narrow. 

They create an island inside life surrounding you in isolation. 

Open to that shame. 

Take a boat and sail to the big land. 

Where you get a sense of others who are just like you. 


Something was broken. Your trust, hopes or your context of belonging. 

Something was wounded. Your love, the sense that life had or your aspirations. 

Shame came in and tried simply to fix things. 

Glued the separate pieces no matter how. 

Get yourself back on your feet by leaving behind the question marks. 


Did you notice that shame always stands 

at the core of who you are, 

always pointing to these places that make you - you. 

It coloured these spots in black and white. 

So take your colours and your brushes 

start painting those places in new colours 

bright bright.


All shame wants is for you to come close 

to those isolated chunks 

those grey painted hearts 

on your uniqueness 

and simply open you up. 

You don’t have to use big words like 

love yourself 


accept yourself. 

You can simply breathe and breathe deeply

because breathing little is not being in life. 

You can simply come close, 

become friends or curious 

about those exiled desires and dreams of yours. 


You can thank shame for helping you

uncover all the unwanted parts,

for protecting you from being ridiculed

maybe even protecting your life!

It shaped your messiness into strength

it took away rejection and brought

love instead.



Open to that shame, the one that’s alive right now. 

It’s not just in your childhood memories 

or far away events. 

It’s right here to remind you of the true precious vision 

you carry throughout your life.

It’s moulding gold into mud.

I tell you I was there, 

and you too can alchemise 

the mud-bed or your lotuses 

back to the gold of your whole heart.




Photo by Mitchell Hartley on Unsplash


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