I Call Her Life

September 14, 2018

She takes you by surprise to hidden places, there you can find forlorn treasures 

and pieces that no one knew how to make sense of 

but you


When she’s sad she speaks through the earth, 

shaking it and moving it, sometimes you lose 

your balance and sometimes

you find the courage to hug her

and say “it’s ok. I’m here for you”


If she slaps you on the face 

it’s not because she 

doesn’t love you. 

She just noticed you’re not listening, not paying attention. And when you wake up she’s

dancing and singing 

you hear the divine


She always comes bearing one and only message. She always says ‘just relax. Lay back. 

Lean back. Relax. There’s nothing to struggle against and no real battles to fight’. When I finally get her, I know

what she’s talking about, and I know that her name is Life. 

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December 29, 2019

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