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When You See A Sad Person & The Ultimate Freedom

When you see a sad person. Freedom.

It’s the second close friend of mine now whose started taking anti-depressant pills.

Life can be very challenging and heavy sometimes. Depression can arise for many reasons - one is not more “real or justifiable” than the other.

Depression is a result of a cry that comes from the deep. We all hear that cry and I wish we would stop to listen to it from time to time.

When you see a sad person - give them 5 minutes of your time.

A wise and strong woman told me this week - many women here have lots of money and have the freedom to do whatever they want.

No, they don’t!

Money doesn’t give you freedom. There are so many things that money cannot fix or heal or reveal - but love can.

If we don’t have the freedom to feel what we want to feel - what kind of freedom do we have?!

If we don’t have the freedom to follow our ideas and create - what kind of freedom do we have?!

If we are too busy to spare 5 minutes of our time to a sad person - what kind of freedom do we have?!

Freedom is movement without restraints - inner or outer. Freedom is the inner capacity to respond fully to that which really matters in life, not the liberty to buy what is simply attractive to us.

So when you see a sad person - give them 5 minutes of your time.

When you’re with a sad person you don’t have to do anything special or brilliant. Don’t promise them that everything will be O.K. because you don’t know that. Don’t rush to offer solutions they maybe don’t want or need.

You can simply be present. Experience the freedom of being present for another person without DOING anything spectacular or smart.

So how can we enhance our freedom in life?

You know what’s really important to you in life so give it attention and space, and then follow up with action when you can.

You know what your creative ideas are, your creative powers and talents, so follow them and don’t deny or postpone engagement with them.

You know what you feel at every given moment, so let it be, experience it and express it freely.

This is how you also find the capacity to give 5 minutes of your time when you see a sad person without fearing they might drag you down with them.

Blog by Shelly Sharon on depression and freedom

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