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Can we talk about avoidance?! And freedom.

It’s in avoidance that we can meet the empty and the vast, the hollow and the wide. So tell us the reincarnations of the word ‘avoid’.

And the waste. Everything we haven’t found a way to compost, recycle and turn to new fertile soil in our life. With the places and the people in our lives.

What are you avoiding in your life? Right now.

What do you tend to avoid?

What would you like to avoid?

How do your avoidances hold your emptiness and your vastness in one breath?

We may know that we avoid something/someone because of fear, because of wisdom, because of the uncertainty or the letting go, because of the right thing, because of the wrong thing.

Avoidance is the moon in our lives, balanced and poised, it holds with sincerity both edges of the world. The one that we want and the one that we don’t. The shelter and the shadow.

What lies in the middle of it all? What’s the heart of your avoidance?

Once I avoided my dreams.

Someone avoids the feelings the beggar on the street gives him

My neighbour ignored her daughter’s need for a real lover

I avoid all invitations to participate in dramas

We avoid the things we don’t know the names of, the things we’re afraid to give them a name to, the things whose name we didn’t bother or dare to asked about.

Maybe we can look at it as a tango between Giving in and Giving more. An entangled dance between the shadow and the shelter.

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