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All the Bounty of Abundance - Energy Forecast for Moon in Taurus

How do I embody my abundance?

This is the soul-question that came for us this month.

To embody, to include, to manifest - these are the three pillars of the energy that the new moon in Taurus gives us.

This new moon places us on the tack of moving forward slowly, steadily towards long range goals - step by step. Like the earth, not rushing anywhere but moving to the rhythm of the seasons. So are we invite to synchronise with this slowed down pace. Compared to the pace of the last cycle in Aries you may have felt a deep request to relax.

Taurus like to embody her qualities. Likes to appreciate what she has and build with that. Embodying abundance often starts with appreciating and cherishing the unique qualities that we have. To acknowledge the skills and capacities that we have

The experience of abundance is embodied by the one who knows to bring her unique presence to be present.

The energy of this cycle is of connecting to earth. And any connection to earth is connection with abundance. Be it your internal soil or the soil that supports this planet, it is under earth where we find all the treasures we are looking for.

Sometimes we need to say - "No thank you, I have enough" in order to make abundance present. To experience abundance we need to stop the pendulum movement between "I need more" and "I don't have enough".

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves - what is it in me that I push away from myself?! So we can start to include something from our dreams, to our skills and experience. Including everything of who we in how we are is an embodiment of abundance.

Abundance of health, of family and home, of finances are all part of this energy for this cycle.

The source of the word abundance comes from Latin and means - to ride on the wave. And isn't it the wave the last moment of a long movement started in the invisible world that we get to see? Just before the wave breaks on the shores of the earth or the shores of our heart. We see the end of an infinite movement and are invited to ride along.

To ride on this wave of abundance is the art of living with open hands to receive and open heart to listen.

More sky stories towards the full moon will come and add some details to this story. But the over tone of the cycle will remain slow, steady embodiment of abundance.

Pay attention to the beauty, to the love and connections that are present in your life. Nourish yourself by these.

Know that anything you start with this new moon will sustain you for a long time. So take that time to understand how do you embody, include and manifest your abundance.


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The astrology of the new moon:

Taurus - stabilising, solidity, self-love, nature, earth, the heart of the season

Venus - the goddess of abundance, beauty, art, connections and love is in her home - in Taurus. So she's having fun. And she's inviting you to have some to. Venus likes to be worshiped and acknowledged, she like to give so pay attention to her needs.

Divine triangle between Pluto and Capricorn, jupiter in Virgo and the Moon - All three are in earth signs. Pluto who leads us to long and deep transformations, and jupiter who's in-charge on our vision and expansion supporting us with more stability and bounty of abundance.

5 planets in Retrograde - Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercory, all in Retrograde, something that hasn't happened for a decade. This emphasis the internal movement and the understanding that abundance comes from within us.


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