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Dance the Courage Dance - Energy Forecast of Aries Cycle

How do I respect my drive? My deepest desires?

This is the soul question that came up for this new moon cycle in Aries.

We could have asked - What burns most inside of us? Or- What are we passionate about?

But the word respect came up for a good reason. It signals the deep drive of Aries that gives space, makes space to the internal movement that wants to be expressed. It means that Aries is not shy in its own drive. It means that Aries spent all night watching the flames of fire so s/he could learn all her secrets.

This particular energy is what Aries lend us for this 28 days cycle. Take your ideas and just go for it, run for it, fly on it. To experiment, to express what a minute ago seemed impossible. To move freely with joy and passion towards the calling of the heart to come home. And the home is the Self.

That unique and original Self. Not the one who's covered by ideas and theories we've learned. Not the spiritual slogans we have borrowed unmindfully. Not the self that wants only to take, to replicate corporate ideas about manufacturing and goals achieving. Because at the moment we're doing something disconnected from that which we are most passionate about is the moment we have broken a natural cycle, detached ourself from our deepest source.

The moment we do something we are deeply passionate about we're doing something not only good for our soul but also for the benefit and the inspiration of our community. Translating our deepest pure drives is a soul glue, it's a healing balm for connecting the tissues of living together.

To dance the courage dance is to call home to courage to do for us something new, something challenging for us, something that we really desire in our lives. It is to leave the mind towards an action stemming from the emotional body, the intuitive body, the etheric body. This is the energy of Aries, this is the energy of the current moon cycle.

It is an intensive energy. Creation is intensive. When the heart echoes a deep yearning it is intensive. We experience and meet our passions to connect, to create, to express, 'till the the day we die.

How do we respect our drive? We act towards that which feels right to us. We translate our intuition to an earthly grounded and original actions. Original is individual, not copy cut.

We do not compromise on even a drop of our uniqueness so others can understand us or acknowledge us. Create something which you understand and others will follow.

The energy of Aries moon cycle opens a new energy portal of that energy that everybody talks about. The Aries is the first sign in the wheel and thus it is initiating. The moon also meet Uranus who pushes us to set ourselves free from anything that holds us back, from that which is not our new us.

Your passion and inspiration now will set the tone for the coming two years cycle starting with Mars' retrograde.

It is not time to fantasies on things but to act upon them and learn a new inner movement, a new activity, a new identity, a new profession...

New doesn't have to be dramatic. It can be a simple movement that reminds us we can let more joy into our lives. Every day.

Respect our deepest yearnings, our drive, is to listen to the soul's bells that remind us how unique and special we are.

Have a wonderful new moon.

The astrology of the new moon in Aries

The energy of Aries : initiation ( of action, of season, of energy...), enthusiasm, boldness, courage, immediate translation of instinctual intuition to deeds and behaviours, autonomy in seeing the impossible as possible, learning the power of fire element.

Right before the new moon:

Mercury the messenger enters the earth sign of Taurus and helps us ground all this enthusiasm.

The sun, the source of life and our identity, is in a conflictual relationship with Pluto, the God of our inner resources. It will cause those who sill struggle their true nature to see their struggle "in their face". And those who are ready to move on will experience a courage act out of divine surrender.

Relationships with the new moon:

Conjunction with Uranus - will initiate a new collective energy, the rebellious in anything old as patriarchy structures, old patterns of thoughts on oneself and on collective movements.

Square with Pluto in Capricorn - will lead us to the embrace our soul memory of what we are meant to do and to express it from a deep place, just like opening a door to a new life.

Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, the artist of structures and inner architecture will reward and ease us into a new sustainable inner building. It will allow us to be accurate from within.

Mars starts retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17th, for 11 weeks. Mars is our courage, the indicators of what we're willing to get up and fight for. Mars is our passion, drive, sexuality, desires, anger and leadership.

This will set the tone for a new life direction towards our potential for the next two years.

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