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Life demands from us - The energies of the lunar cycle in Pisces.

A great deal of self-honesty is being demanded of us to see clearly patterns of self-victimisation and pity.

A great deal of courage is being demanded of us to follow our hearts fully, with no apologies. To act upon the authentic passions of that which we want to see in ourselves and in the world.

No less is release from the ego is being demanded of us, release from past stories and justifications to extract the potential of what can be.

The new moon in Pisces opens on a dramatic note with a full solar eclipse and sets the tone for this cycle.

Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac wheel, doesn't stint on inspiration, imagination or even fantasy, nor does it hide the infinite reservoirs of renewal and creativity.

How much do we allow ourselves to dream, be inspired or even to dwell in our fantasy? There often seems to be anger towards those who "dare" to be in such places. They are considered unreal...

The solar eclipse and the new moon greatly accentuate all our emotional issues.

The present energies turn up the volume of all our existential questions.

The challenge is to find the core, to connect with the centre, that centre that brings heaven and earth together.

The symbol of the sign is two fish facing in opposite directions. Seen differently, they form the direction to close a circle, signifying the field of unified polarity, bridging between forces and dimensions.

The soul-question I'm posing for this cycle is: What does life demand from me?

Life demands much more than money and work. Life is beyond the details.

Life is asking that we release the screaming hold of the ego, the place where tremendous resources of creativity can be found, even at difficult times.

To get to the highest heights we need to be border-less. Unlike in the physical body where our borders are quite distinct, we are being pushed to understand in an authentic and cliché-free way what life on Earth looks like in a border-less state. Not by losing control, not by doing crazy stuff, simply being border-less. This challenge is being emphasised now - personally and collectively.

Once again, the challenge or the ascension are demanding that we find ourselves as a stable axis. To stand tall in face of any threatening or chaotic wave that washes us and to know - it only gets us wet. We can stand in open expectation facing the wave and develop an inner belief in the nature of all things to change.

This cycle brings very powerful energies that won't always be easy to digest.

We don't need to know. We can be present.

We don't need to know. We can be attentive.

We don't need to know. We can be in love.

As the nature of love is to inform us on the personal as well as the communal level of melting borders. It will inform us on the support and tools that we need so much.

We need a new chapter of honesty.

We need a new chapter of integrity.

We need a new chapter of creativity.

As below so above, Pisces remind us. To ascend one needs to elevate to a higher than high axis and go lower than the lowest axis, to integrate, to connect threads, to bring back home all the parts of the Self we have given up along the way. For what ever reason we did so, NOW it is time to recreate. Time to bring back home all the pieces of ourselves and unite. To the spiritual body, to the energy body, to the emotional body, to the physical body.

What sort of wisdom do we pass on to our children?

What kind of insight do we pass on to the world?

We would never choose to walk hand-in-hand with suffering, but when it comes to visit our horizons we are called to show up. In the darkest dungeons we find a starry glittering night. There we learn there is no difference between the highest and lowest. There we release the treasure that dwells in the core as a channel leading the way from one dimension to the other.

Unconditional love is the force with which we can work now. This is not a month to be passive and roll over to the other side of bed waiting for the storm to calm down. It is a time of vibrational synchronisation with higher realms, with elevated existential goals, with undwindling insights.

It is time to test how much we dress ourselves with the latest spiritual fashions or act upon the beliefs that really work for us.

We have the tools. We have the support and we have a knock on our doors from life - it demands from us the next chapter.

It is a good time to open the chakras, the intuition, the exalted understanding, the channels, the vibrations and accept the messages that life holds for us.

It is a time of extremes on many planes, and we have a choice. So where do you lean towards?

Happy new moon

The astrology of the new moon

The energy of Pisces:

Spirituality, connecting to infinity, going down to the chasms of victimisation, loss and addiction, inspiration, creativity, sipping to hard places and making them soft, unconditional love, extremity, drama, feeling feeling and more feeling.

Congregation of many planets in one sign:

Neptune - the God of Sea that brings inspiration as well as a blurring of clarity. He washes us with a big wave from the depths and place on our shores that which we have dumped at the core of our heart. Will it be beautiful shells or plastic bottles?

Chiron - the wounded healer that reminds us we each have a live wound, that there is a human vulnerability which we should not hide or shy away from but rather find in it the mentoring for healing and wholeness.

Ceres - the goddess of grains and the mother of mothers. She reminds us to connect with the mother inside of us, to Mother Earth, to all the mothers and bring the understanding compassionate look.

Mercury - the messenger, collector of facts and details... Is getting a bit lost here.

And the moon and sun, of course

Jupiter in Virgo:

Magnifies the need for details and work, clearing beliefs that don't support the future.

Saturn squaring both the moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo:

Asks us to bring our beliefs and the wind of inspiration to clear concrete and constructive forms.

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