Rebirthing All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Dear souls and beloveds. The month of lights, where you celebrate with the light of candles and the light of rebirth, is a month where darkness overshadows the light in the northern hemisphere. And it is thus a wonderful time to speak to you about the merging of the Matteria Energy, the feminine energy with the Patrieria Energy, the pattern, the masculine energy. The energy of Serina wants to take you on a flight of rebirth like the rebirth of a new year, a new season, as this is a period where you are rebirthing yourself.


The Space where Everything Blends to Nothing and Nothing Refracts to Everything

Close your eyes and see yourself moving away from the ground gently and steadily. Slowly slowly you are floating up and above. Feeling the body’s tangibility, and at the same time not giving in to gravity. It is not a struggle, it is a natural elevation occurring now which you can feel, to which you can approach with your inner eyes.

Up and above you rise and float. Up and above you move father away from the earth. You are seeing more of the bigger picture spreading out below. Up and above you are drawn until you rich the thin bright thread of the blue sky-envelop that embraces your earth.

Up and above you keep on rising. Feeling the elevation of spirit, the lightness of heart, the softness of being. Up and above, you float and rise, reaching a wide field infused with light.

And as you find yourself in the field of light, surrounded by a field of light, saturated in a field of light - you rest. Feeling light from the journey, you are not heavy. Feeling saturated from rising, you are not in a hurry. This light you see with your inner eyes that can see all the sights that can be revealed to the unprotected eye, the free eye from limitations and physical rules of Earth.

From this field of light you can open the curtains. It is that same curtain that blurs the undivided connection between worlds and realities. Open the curtains, make yourself a notch as one looking from behind the scenes, peeking to see what is happening at the front of the stage and how many people came to see the show.

Do you see now all the colours? Are you now present to the delicate passages of the boutiful colours being born out of a non-judgemental non-discerning field of light but rather washes the face of Earth with all possible hues and tonalities?

Blue rules the sky and the water and envelopes you in a deep peaceful energy. Green dots the land and the underwaters, filling you with the energy of renewal. Pay attention to all the colours, realise how they came out of the field of light, where you are now. See how the rays refract and create a spectacular image, a detailed and colourful image.

Here, in the field of light everything merges into a single layer. We are not pulling you out of your human life to retrieve you towards places or ideas which are not blending in your earthly life. Only here in the white field of light can you see in your own inner eyes that which is called the ‘Spirit of the matter’.

Spirit of the matter is the feminine energy, spreading and arching over, spreading like water, reaching into each corner and into any pattern. And the universe is the one to merge the feminine energy, the spirit of matter, with the masculine energy - the pattern. Spirit of the matter searches for expression through the creative pattern, through the masculine energy.

Now, we would like to give you words and ask you to pay attention to which one activates you. What does the word activate in you? In which part is it activated within you? Can you connect with the feeling which is the field of light, a second before it breaks into colours of thoughts and opinions.

A word is an energy charge, and there are words that seem like they have been ironed out of their depth or their wild life. Some words it seems have been overly used so their anchors in authentic life have been broken.

Pay attention to the activation of the word’s charge before we continue delivering this message of wisdom and knowledge:















A Great Creation Is Inspired By Wholness

The matrix, the feminine energy, wants to fill the space and spread and spread. The pattern, the masculine energy, wants to learn to contain, to build, to frame. The two cooperate. You must not interpret the energy of spirit as one constructed as hierarchy. We are the field of light which refracts to infinite sounds, colours and within you into words as well. We are the feminine energy seeding the masculine pattern, and this is how indeed a whole creation is being born. You know of this process from creating new life, bringing children to your world.

Notice that there are words that activate you with immense power. Pay attention, trained hearts, that even words like ‘fear’ activate you with immense power. Nothing, as always, is being delivered to you and for you as criticism, but rather with great love for you to open your attention to the varied rainbow of colours and to the source from which everything stems, the field of light.

Whether this activation stems from an opinion, a well of solid thought, ideas drawn from a spiritual paradigm - we invite you to break the rules at each moment, just like the bounty of colours refracts and arches over planet Earth and stemming from the field of light that one cannot contain with the physical eye. Each word is an energy, and that which it activates is an unprocessed energy - like a matrix without a proper pattern.

The heart which allows the movement of life to pass like a gate-less unstoppable stream is the trained heart. The trained heart drinks with no saturation from the fountain of the movement of life, from a love with no borders, a full-coloured love.

What will be created is not an indifference towards the words, but a flow ride on the energy waves that are motivating. Inquire with honesty and courage the ancient keys that activate within you utterly broken doors. The present energy leading to the lunar cycle in Sagittarius is an energy of limitless freedom. And it implores you to rebirth each new moment when the energy arrives as a package deal with the word. These are the miracles that the prophets, the Buddha, Christ, the Sufis created. The word is the cloak that mantles the body of light that you are. The miracle is a seeing through the infinite continuum of your sacred beautiful Self.

We are the light field of compassion and love and we implore you to refract and melt into the bounty of colours and words and find a full and whole expression.

When one word activates you so powerfully - conflict, struggle, fear, war - it is a sign that there is still a need to process the energy charge, so it will take its equal place in the round table of the colours of ‘all’.

We took you up and above in order to demonstrate to you what happens for you in your daily life. Humanity is in a process of elevation and the trained hearts float and rise lightly, integrating naturally in the place where existing patterns split, as a soul splits to the human soul and does not abandon it until a perfect integration is whole.

Life after life, year after year, season after season, breath after breath.

It’s prosperity time, a celebration time. That which you have worked for over the past year is asking to be reborn out of you and show you that even when a creation carries the mother and father’s DNA, a completely new pattern with a new content and new knowledge is created. Because the same creation arrives from the light field through the birth channel. Through the birth channel. Thoughts, intentions, plans, manifest themselves incongruent to the field of light, to the spirit of your matter, to each and every one of you personally.

Imagine this as a carpet of bells floating above you. Each time a word is announced there is one who pulls the strings of bells and creates a sound. The collective field still pulls the strings of fear and at each such event the deafening noise reminds the trained hearts that the darkness, winter’s time, is the perfect time for a quiet and solid manifestation. If there is sadness which you haven’t given expression to, whose poetics and art you haven’t yet discovered, please do so now. So with anger, excitement, happiness, each colour must be expressed as you are splendid creations with the capacity to express the bounty of feelings, and at the same time allow the wild flow a spectacular and existing life-movement.

The Sublime Question

In the past, we have posed for you the most urgent question to extract from within you that which has matured and wanted to come out to the light. That question was - How can I express myself in the most authentic and clear way?.

And now ask yourself - What do I want from the world?

Change the tone of your questions. You don’t need more money, you don’t need more consumerism, you don’t need more technology, you don’t need more construction. And yes, we keep in heart the humans “struggling” with their bank account and financial flow. Because you have to realise the energy change and the inner change. There is no heroism in poverty, only it is a learning process and a rebirth process. Heroism is of the one who has found an inner richness that transcends any material richness.

What do I ask of the world? It is an ignition of the flame of the Self through the collective field of bells. It is an activation of the sacred circle, activation of all the rainbow’s colours to a renewed human rebirth.

You have not yet quite distinguished between discerning and judging. This is why we have led you up and above to the bright light-field to see the bigger picture, to discern instead of seeing, to see with no effort, to create.

Eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, go to sleep when you are tired, play when you are amused, create when there is a passion to create and available energy. Don't work another day in your life. Be in renewed creation at each moment of breath. No, this is not a fantasy, but a promise of this new world, which you have invited and you are birthing now anew.

That which is soulfully aligned sings the soul’s colours song, a prayer of a spectacular humanity.

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