The Multi-Dimensional Shamanism

In a field full of green vegetation of all kinds and colours, a sound of movement and stirrings is heard. A young girl dressed in wild clothing moves step-by-step with full attention. She knows. She feels. Her every step speaks with earth. With each step she communicates with the vegetation. She understands the plants, they understand her. Even when she stands still she can hear the non-stop movement of embroidering threads of energy seeding varied possibilities in space like the flight of dandelion seeds.

Some will say she belongs to the past, a period of wild primitive tribes. Some will say she comes from the future, a period where houses are made of crystals from the earth and humans are creatures with sharpened senses way beyond the count of five and six.

Some will say she is a new thing altogether. A wild woman communicating a colourful discourse with no words, with no thoughts, hearing the feelings of all living creatures, seeding them with a feminine, cosmic energy.

The wild mechanism

The mechanism of interpretation is a very strong one. Like a vine on a tree-trunk, it locks anything that is perceived through the senses into predefined patterns. Interpretation is a testimony to the symbiotic essence of humans, the enthusiasm with which the force of life grips the life that is adjacent to it. This mechanism allows fast action in a dense and intense 3D world; but it also makes creation difficult.

For example, a new creation born out of suspension. Suspension of patterns, of understandings, of interpretations. A new creation stems from the silent moments, from the spaces that exist in 'between'. These spaces, no matter how small, are an invitation for a new movement. This is why we encourage you to introduce gentleness into your lives.

Gentleness grows in the silence and becomes the best friend that contains all bursting and gripping movements that exist in a dense and intense world. Gentleness is the mirror that enables you to see the direction of change in your life’s movement. Gentleness allows authenticity to grow and move in spite of and in collaboration with density.

What exists in nature and has been cut off from your life is the wild nature. This resembles a rose bush that has been constantly pruned and rearranged so its shape will comply to existing rules of beauty. But thorns will stab any who approach without gentleness a creature that keeps its wild nature dear, in spite of all the pruning. Social censoring and self-criticism have become the pruning scissors with which your petals are removed, leaving only the thorns.

The wild is the face of natural life showing itself beneath the howl of the wolf that declares a full moon, beneath the call of the owl introducing the face of darkness that covers the screen of the sky, beneath the shuddering leaves dancing with them, announcing the movement of life.

Gentleness releases the grip of interpretation and allows the understanding of the heart to activate the natural wild mechanism. Any change you wish to create in your lives will start from this movement. And you, beloveds, are invited to try it and make it as a daughter in the sacred house of the body, no more wandering like orphans in anonymous wild landscapes of unfulfilled desires and aspirations. Gentleness breaks open a window in the quantic field seeded with the seeds of possibilities ripe for the picking.

By letting go the shaman is revealed

Letting go into the unknown is the way of the mysterious, the way of spirt. Letting go into a silence, it's nature seeps like the movement of water beneath rocks and mountains, penetrating deep, wild and demanding. It demands its way in a natural force. Letting go into the depth where the waters are pure and clear and life are sweet and gentle, satisfying the one who is thirsty and hungry for the food that is called - love.

With joy and ease the multi-dimensional shaman approaches the task of bridging the space between worlds. She is not using her capacities with no consideration for the spirit, nor she is gripped by limiting thoughts about - what is hers and belongs to spirit. When spirit calls her, she replies, her heart inside her listening.

The multi-dimensional shaman exists in each and every one of you, beloveds. And we from Serina-energy want to describe for you the way of the energy, which is a feminine energy that awakens in those who wear the body of man as well as those who wear the body of woman. You are rediscovering your sexuality because of the shift to a new paradigm, and we will expand on that later on. You are rediscovering the connection to the missing energy in your body that asks to impregnate you with new potentials for a new season.

Who is the multi-dimensional shaman

The multi-dimensional shaman is the one who hears, listens and responds to a call! In the past, the call came to you through humans. Those were the heads of tribes, leaders of villages, advisors to kings and queens, women of alchemy and magic, the people of the science of heart and plants. Those were the ones who carried the gentle capacity of activating the internal ear, the ear underneath the ear that can hear the roar of the mountain behind the mountain, the symphony of waves of the river under the river, the bell ring of the stars above the stars.

These carriers of shamanic knowledge converted their "religion". And we place the term ‘religion’ in quotes to signify that the charge of meaning you are familiar with in your modern society is not the same as it was in the past. But also that this charge of meaning is not extinguished, inasmuch as no energy is extinguished, but rather changed in shape, form and mission.

The task of the multi-dimensional shaman is to bridge between worlds and as such she stands in the planes of in-between. As such, she is as poised and strong as a bridge that survived gushing rivers and wind-quakes, landslides of rocks. She stands as a bridge on which the hearts looking for connection between worlds can cross.

Could you be that bridge? Could you provide the enthusiastic poise of a connecting thread between worlds like a gentle spider-web beneath the gown of thirst-quenching dew-drops?

This call is here to tell you, beloveds, that this task is saturated with joy, satisfaction and unconditional love. It is a full and fulfilling task, it is an infinite entity that knows no end to its fertility and is as pregnant with ideas and creative actions as the full from of Persephone.

The feminine energy is awakened as the mother bear awakens to a new life created in her body in the spring, where the blossoms and prosperity are one with its nature. That was the religion of the ancient shamans. They carried the values of the art of life.

The artistic values in human life

Life is an art creation. Your arrival to this human world is an act of art, dear masters. You think you know and have learnt everything on your coming to this human world once you've learned the anatomy of fertility and reproduction. But, as some of you may know, the physical system is a magnificent symphony that plays on many multi-levelled, multi-dimensional instruments. And so was your arrival to this world orchestrated before a pregnancy, long before logic, long before the act of love-making, long before the seeds of expectations and life-aspirations were sown.

The translation of feeling to a higher wisdom is the task of the shaman. It is a connection between ancient knowledge (feeling) to this moment, with all the circumstances enveloping it, as were a seed skin embracing its content.

A moment is a whole world enveloped in a context like a moving theatre. The decor changes in a holographic blink, nourishing the torus-movement of the streams of life-force. The feminine energy of the multi-dimensional shaman fertilises the monochrome ship that has sunk in a sea of masculine energy.

Truth exposing itself to the unique light present now on earth. It is a light the likes of which has never been seen in other worlds. It is a human moment enveloped with unique circumstances, a theatre moving in a cosmic galaxy.

Truth reveals itself directly to those who are willing to see and hear the call of the multi-dimensional shaman. While this call was yielded in the past by tribal leaders, the multi-dimensional shaman is a passage to connect the wild nature revealed and exposed directly through each human.

Trained hearts carry the words of truth into the structures of governance such as democracies, armies, international diplomacies. Trained hearts carry shapes and colours of being as varied as the plants of the jungles. Trained hearts are not limited to those who wear white, the priests gown, or any other suites that deliver hidden codes for you to read without noticing.

Trained hearts are those who are willing to pluck authenticity from the chords of their voice and heart, strumming the cosmic music as the solar winds strum on the cosmic chords of an earthly song.

These are the multi-dimensional shamans who bring messages directly in a brave connection of above and below.

All the artificial structures that held games of control and fought the pig's fight, grubbing for the roots of who is stronger, who gains more, who is more manipulative and exploitative, are crumbling because they have built foundations on dwindling roots instead of spreading love and compassion. These roots are rooted in the paradigm of your thinking when you try to interpret and understand anything through the rational mechanism of understanding. They are melting like a buttered heart, releasing into a much more satisfying and deep understanding.

As long as your attention is captive to what you see with your external eyes, you live in duality. That which lies outside is an opposite mirror to the within. As an example, think of any object or characteristic you wanted to own. That was an opposite mirror to what was missing inside of you.

As long as you are an essence - you experience essence. You turn to be the centre of a circle contained in a circle contained in another circle in an infinite movement. This is the bridge of the multi-dimensional shaman.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter spends most of your year in retrograde in Virgo and is another sign for the shift to the paradigm of multi-dimensional shamanism*.

Virgo loves the earth. Virgo is the pure lover of Gaya, the one who became pregnant due to her love for all plants and all the creatures walking on her face, kissing her lips with their footsteps, dancing on her lashes with tears of excitement. Virgo is the creator of healing passions from the treasures of the earth. Virgo is the organiser of earthly elements into orderly plans for the building of a new society.

Jupiter, the God of abundance, loves to give, to expand, to enlarge, even to exaggerate. Jupiter, the God of abundance, loves generosity, loves to multiply the good and satisfy the soul-star of humans.

The connections between the meticulous energy of Virgo and the infinite divine energy of the God of abundance, Jupiter, is an alchemical bond of transformation. These are the foundations of the alchemy of a new paradigm.

No more external cards selling a trendy game. You were sold abundance for money, beauty for glamour, individuality for an illusion.

The bridge of multi-dimensional shamanism is translated through a human whose heart is as expanded as Jupiter's abundance and is as true to Gaya as Virgo.

Darkness changes its discourse

The authentic voice needs no lipstick on the lips of truth.

The way you relate to the darkened is the way you relate to your emotional nature. The way you relate to your emotional nature is the way you relate to your unfoldment. Those who wish to express their authentic and unique voice will need gentleness, patience and silence out of which something new can be heard, shimmering through a spark that turns in no time into a flame.

And it is true for you on all levels - personal collective, societal etc.. In all circles.

When you turn time and again to discourse with the darkness and describe a struggle with it, so, dears, you are in a struggle with your feelings. We send your way infinite compassion and love as you are humanity at the beginning of understanding the most tremendous life-force that you have - your heart.

A struggle with a feeling is a dualistic thought that knows no reconciliation of the abundant energy of Jupiter with the meticulous and earthly energy of Virgo. You are called time and again, and now even more so, to unite all the pieces you've expelled beyond the boundaries of a suite cut too tight for your wide heart.

You are relearning how to integrate all the skills of your heart, all the fields of interests and merge them into one that knows how to make an interesting colourful and comforting patch-work quilt. To be a glorious tree, a tree of life which knows how to contain and heal life and death under the same protecting shade.

The bridges are becoming direct and authentic. Authenticity is the capacity to see and create sparks of novelty when realities and dimensions meet. Authenticity, unlike integrity, is a multi-dimensional quality. While integrity reveals and is revealed easily in the face of each dimension, authentic you demands connectivity. And so, you see, authentic is a sign of absence in the current paradigm, and represents the lack of connectivity.

The meeting of dimensions demands authenticity, demands the unmediated connection of mundane and cosmic, of human and universe.

The new paradigm - signs, tools and new lessons

You are opening up to powerful and meaningful levels of integration. The discourse on the new paradigm has to hold the full understanding of a transition from 3D to 5D.

Many are the dear humans who desire this transition out of a yearning to be freed from some kind of suffering they experience in their lives. While this yearning is very well understood it is not an intention aligned with the characteristics of a dimensional shift. You may know that any transformation, regardless of dimensions, is a movement of shifting interpretations towards an experience, changing a relationship with that experience. So it is for the transition to a new paradigm.

Suffering in your world is the gardener pulling out the roots of limiting beliefs and rotted branches of low self-esteem. By doing so, he is making space for new life. The gardener is not afraid of the darkness but rather cooperates with its wisdom. As we have told you once before, each feeling is like an entity with which you can communicate to understand its wisdom. When your consciousness was focused on struggle, the wisdom of the unified field of polarity was hijacked, and the roots of limiting beliefs developed a strong stubborn grip.

Pay attention then that the concept 'paradigm' means - pattern. Model. Using this term also reflects in some sense 3D consciousness. In 5D, the patterns, if you like, are more like jelly. Patterns which are not structured in clear or rigid lines, such as are familiar to you here, and this is why the theme of integration should be important to you now.

So instead of talking about the battle between the dark and the light, see how they cooperate. See the wisdom in the darkness, see the wisdom in the light, see how out of merging wisdoms a new paradigm is born.

The term 'paradigm' has another meaning in your world, and it is - a decision-making system. This you will know from your nerve-system, molecular system, your DNA system. These also are operating by a set of decisions, so when, for example, an energy of love, happiness, acceptance is sent, your DNA reacts and changes.

This system of decision-making is an integrative movement, not a one-dimensional movement such as one motivated by rational interpretation. Humanity has bisected pieces of the unified polarity field and thus learned separately issues such as suffering, the meaning of society, its capacity and power. And now the transformation is towards integration.

Those of you who suffered, faced or struggled for most of your lives due to your multiple capacities, multiple interests, multiple skills, required by society to fit in by pruning your multiplicity - you are now called! You are called to be the pioneers in the field of multi-dimensional shamanism, to lead the way to a new paradigm where people don't need to cut down pieces of themselves. Lead the way to an integrated and satisfying life.

The ancient meaning of the word 'paradigm' stemming from Ancient Greek is - side by side!

The lessons of the new paradigm will be exposed in this coming year (2016). So the transition to a new paradigm is not getting off at the last train stop, but rather embarking on a new journey equipped with integrated wisdom you have so gracefully built. You have yet to know the true merger between science and the spiritual realm. The science of love is not yet discovered nor understood, nor have the new artistic values of the multi-dimensional shamans delivered their healing practices. But this will not be late to arrive.

Suspend your heart in the shade of a heart beat, let go of gripping the knowing and find a dew-drop resting in the gentle web connecting this world and the next.

*Jupiter will station retrograde in Virgo on Jan 8th 2016 until May 9th and will shift to Libra on Sept 9th 2016.

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