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Messages from The Keepers of Knowledge

Five beings gathered around a round table. It is an unusual gathering in this dimension, as their role is different from those known to humans. You could even say that they don't have a role, but rather that they are the keepers of knowledge and the gate to creation.

Around the table they gathered and in its centre a Grail stood adorned by hues of gold and delightful sounds coming out of it. The sounds enveloped the whole space with peace and love. Like a cloud, steam billowed from the Grail, enveloping the gathering of the five keepers of knowledge.

The process began without a word being said. The feeling was unified and the Grail started moving, dancing in tight circles where it stood. It moved and swirled and danced until a diamond rose up from it.


As if it was a human with thought and intention, the diamond chose the appropriate knowledge keeper. And she knew what she should do with this reflection in the image of a diamond that chose her, to guide that knowledge keeper.

The Grail started to move again, dancing in tight, fast circles. It looked like it was going to give birth to a new creation. It twisted and coiled, swirled and squirmed, until a magnificent colourful snake arose out of it.

As if it knew something within and possessed by mission, the snake moved towards the knowledge keeper and sat by the side of the knowledge keeper, waiting for a nod of agreement. And he, he knew exactly how to communicate with this reflection, in the image of a snake, that chose him for his next mission.

The Grail knew it is time to regenerate the movement and deliver yet another message to the table guests. Once again, it started circling faster and faster, its rim appearing like fluid, or the fluttering of butterfly wings. Colours and sounds were as if drunk in by a large vortex swirling around the Grail, out of which a sensual butterfly arose which flew straight towards the knowledge keeper who was fit for the purpose.


The 1111 gate

The 1111 gate brought the Grail of creation to the table of the knowledge keepers, to deliver the reflections and sights needed for humanity's change and progress to its next phase. In this gate you have walked on stardust that transforms divine elements into gold. And thus it has been happening when stars collide and melt and create golden paths of dimensional connection. Your soul looks into her image, her humanly image, and reflects back to you the needed information for your experience on the heart-ground of Gaya.

Never can you see the experience of another. You can only see its reflection through the interaction with you. Never do you see your own face. You can only see your reflection through an external mirror. Those who choose to immerse themselves in their landscape - as if immersing themselves in a fountain that gives a direct experience of the water's temperature, of the depth, of the contact with all the underwater vegetation and animals - they will make direct and accurate contact with their inner wisdom.

You are the embodiment of the magical human grail out of which consciousness retrieves like a magical fishing rod all the images, all the insights, all guidance and treasures you reflect throughout your human life. Only you have access to retrieve as well as to understand the music of love and the divine colours embodying worldly forms, and the records you know from your physical world.

Serina’s energy, the mother of all worlds and compassion, the feminine energy and cosmic love, brings to you unerring knowledge to lucent your being in this multi-star merger, this multidimensional blend. Gaya, our beloved partner, is a keeper of humanly love. Did you know she is a storage of all human love - the manifested as well as the seeds of potential ones?

Gaya reads the reflections of the knowledge keeper’s grail and reflects back to you that knowledge through events in a physical world, a third-dimension world. These are rare times, the gathering time of the knowledge keepers is a time of convergence and emergence of dimensions and realities, a dancing movement that shakes all patterns of time that are anchored in a world which is still mostly old, and you are asked to nourish that movement with the effort of love, to nourish the code of reflections with a pure understanding of knowledge transcending. We have come here with the knowledge keepers and the information which will guide you for the next months and through most of 2016.

The snake - the most known knowledge keeper

The snake is a code of change that exists in all cultures and human societies that have lived on Earth. The snake is the most widely known knowledge keeper, it appears in your sacred scripts, in ancients scripts, in scientific and alchemical scripts.

In your period now you have an additional language through which the path of understanding and the power of intention is shaped. Through which you ignite the power of changeability with an ease that characterises the snake. You have another door through which Spirit can enter and manifest in frequency, sound-vibration and colour. Thought patterns have changed and supported the movement of intention (note - the reference for the “additional” language is to quantum physics). This movement goes both ways, but to be more exact than that, it’s a multi-dimensional movement, not just between 2 directions. The movement of Jacob’s ladder is the bodily transformation the snake can create as a living organism in a physical reality.

Intention gives birth to changeability as it is not bound to the line of time and space. Humanity’s intention to merge and elevate to sacred and pure layers of knowledge has ignited the movement of the knowledge keeper, the snake, to come to your spheres and preserve the universe’ secrets through the archetype that crosses borders of time. Just like intention.

Working with the power of intention is working with the changeable element of the snake. You have been working for many years with intention. And now you must learn to work with it not as a thought force dependent on a result, not as a movement that thinks about forward and future, but as a snake shedding its form in each cycle and preserving ancient knowledge merging Heavens and Earth. The changes will come to the trained heart in unexpected ways. Things you have asked for secretly in your heart will suddenly manifest themselves. You may not make the connections at first as they will be under the cloak of camouflage, beneath the rocks, like a snake blending perfectly with nature.

The snake moves smoothly and swiftly, dances on thorns and rocks, in dark places and in light places. This knowledge keeper brings to you this same energy of lightness and enjoyment that exists in changeability. And as much as you can’t see your own face, the snake’s own venom does not poison him.The positive and the negative, the inner and outer, expose the magic that dwells in the consciousness of unity. There are those of you who read these messages and know how to let them seep beneath and beyond the words, to reflect back to the source of the grail of the knowledge keepers and not lose form, not lose the boundary of the word. To merge with pure energy.

The power of intention is Jacob’s ladder. The power of intention travels in earthly and unearthly planes. The power of intention crosses the boundaries of matter’s physics. The power of intention moves as an independent force, and you are the one to provide it with the fuel of movement. The changeability code ignites in you the movement of love. The frequency of love initiates the movement of new personal as well as collective patterns. Not out of thought. Out of love. Love everything you want to see in yourself. Love the new patterns you want to see in your world. Love yourself, your neighbour, your earthly life. You will start experiencing how out of the force of love an intention with a new energetic quality is born.

Balance is a game of refinements, of subtleties, of punctualities, beloved. For that, internal calmness is asked of you. When the inner weather is stormy, all your beauty is covered with clouds and the water becomes dull. You understand the idea of non-separateness, but you will start to understand it through your heart.

Focus on balancing your heart, on internal peace. You are the one to give the power of intention its movement and changeability its direction. The earthly interpretation of negative against positive will receive within you the understanding of the unified polarity field. When you start a new diet, it takes the body time to show the changes and reflect a new skin colour, a different form, a different energy. And so the horrific tales occupying the rooms of human space is a positive movement of a negative content. You want so much good living, you want dear love, satisfying parenthood, and when you set an intention it sits in a pattern of willpower, control and orientation. Intention is a much more delicate energy unit than willpower, control and orientation. Changeability has no direction, it has movement. Try not to try, and what does trying look like anyway?!

The Butterfly Force - The flow of Life is Alchemy

Alchemy is metamorphosis of the private into the universal, and the universal into the private. Alchemy is transformation of the personal into the collective and the collective to the personal. Alchemy is the ability to go up and down freely on Jaco’b ladder, to move between dimensions and realities, to change holographic sceneries in a blink of an eye.

Why did the alchemists take so much interest in transforming lead into gold? Because they wanted money? Because they loved power? The alchemists were interested in the secrets of the universe. Not for the sake of making money. When your intention is focused solely on making money you will stay forever poor. The alchemists were interested in healing. Not in the creation of control centres. When your intention is focused on creating control, no matter on what level, no matter over whom or why, you will forever stay inferior. Inquire into your control patterns with your children and understand that these structures exist also amongst those who have a bounty of spiritual studies under their wings.

Gather patience since elevation has no earthly time. It has no boundaries. It has movement which you will know through the gates of the heart. The alchemists acted from the heart. They knew the promised land that dwells within the geography of their hearts. Because the heart’s arteries nourish whole lives of blending realities. They exist among you and operate among you. They are you, dears, you who are transforming fear to love. The alchemists knew divine innocence, sacred innocence. They knew the pure heart, which IS gold, which is innocent, which dwells in you, beloved, in spite of life events whatever they may be. Indeed.

The magic that happens on Jacob’s ladder is an open movement. Free will. In listening to the heart not only do you know what the purpose of your life is, but you know what to do with it and for it as well. The changeability code blends, you transform the unknown to the known, create abundance and embody abundance. This is the butterfly force that opens up now for you.

Planet Earth doesn't need more spiritual students. You are transforming from spiritual students to spiritual creators. Spiritual initiators. Search for the guides that will lead you and reflect to you as a mirror the spiritual creation embedded in inner authority, and the alchemy that does not neglect the understanding of the movement of the inhabitants of Earth.

You Are Nature, You Are The Diamond

Does the diamond care if it leave its place in the mountain, cleaned of earth and polished with special mechanisms and tools to sharpen specific angles through which its natural beauty will shine in a commercial way?? Does the diamond yearn to be hung on a beautiful woman’s neck?

The essence of the diamond is the innocence, purity and clarity that exist at your heart’s seed. Innocence is infinite potential. Once you’ve condemned innocence, you have disqualified infinite potential. And you now need to be persuaded and hard to change, hanging on to ideas and routines to save you from the vacuum created by locking innocence away in caves.

You can learn about earthly events by learning the events of the stars. Sky movements reflect to you and show you that - you are a part of the tapestry. Creation doesn’t tell a tale of cause and effect, but reveal tales of reflection. You don’t look at the sky because you have been taught that you will not find there a story of cause and effect. Science and religion dressed you up with a disappearing cloak, and you have become an isolated unit. Just as your science expected to find answers on wholeness by dividing the universe into pieces.

Show your compassion and your love. Compassion is the diamond code which knows its nature and shines from within. Underneath the layers of soot, underneath layers of black consciousness, it does not lose its intrinsic value, its innate. The light carriers who know compassion in their hearts know you should not turn your face away from suffering as much as you need not be carried away by virtual vortex of blackened consciousness. Show the compassion of a pure heart that can hold anything within itself and distil out of itself human innocence, unfreeze the codes of innocence.

There’s no need “to count the heads” of the light carriers as the power and light of the group is shining in a far greater light then you can count.The flame of a candle alone will suffice to lighten the room entirely and banish a blackened consciousness. You got used to seeing reality in opposites and halves; we understand, beloveds, that everyone is asked to wear the glasses of love, to gain a brilliant sight. Be the candle light flame that enlightens the room and reminds the darkness that he too is loved, that he is also a part of creation. Learn the nature of your purity of powers, learn how they are expressed in your life, learn for yourself the sparkling diamond nature and innocence that you are.

The diamond code will open your sight and you will start seeing without seeing. The truth will glitter out of layers of soot without the mud of commerce. Because this is the nature of the diamond. The diamond code will guide you to answers for many questions that hover around your heart out of internal authority:

What is the truth about sexuality? What kind of earthly and societal structures will be present on earth when sexuality is not used as a tool for extortion, advertising and intimidation?

What is the truth in the phenomenon of racism? How will the world look without societal phenomena such as racism? What does humanity need in order to achieve the unified consciousness of variety?

Stabilise yourself from within, find the spark of divinity and the spark of the universe’s stars in your inner tapestry. Prepare yourself. Stabilise yourself. Expose the purity of your innocence.

You are going to see better. Your internal eyes are opening up and you will receive the childlike innocence of the one who sees beyond with much greater ease. Your physical eyes are going to be less fixated on external phenomena. Like a child’s innocence you are going to grasp the truth which is shriven of societal limitations. Innocence allows you to understand the essence. As it was for you when you were a child, long before vortices of thought accumulated around the fixed axis of opinions and political boundaries.

You Must Hear The Voice Of Fear - But You Don’t Have To Listen To It!

Alchemy is the essence that takes place when you bring love and authentic personal understanding. The reflections of the inner appearance that your consciousness pulled up with the fishing rod of awareness. Then, your inner energy-compound changes. Readiness is opened up like a wave that meets a safe shore, the stream flows like stars in the galaxy, information rolls down like a stone from a mountain reaching the valley, and hope blossoms spreading the fragrance of hope-flowers.

Anger, despair, frustration all have power, just like happiness, love and easiness. Everything is a being, everything is an essence, and they all stroll freely on Jacob’s ladder, pulling you up with the power of attraction of love, or dragging you down with the pushing power of fear. Fear and love are beings you can communicate with. And so you can hear the voice of fear as if hearing the voice of a troubled friend. But you can act by the power of attraction of love, and avoid being carried away to unnecessary blackened vortices.

The 1111 gate has opened a space that enables you to see clearly the depths. The water is clear, the love is clean and crystalline. This gate allows you to be exposed to the magical powers that the alchemists searched for. The ancient art of alchemy inquired into the merger of human power with non-human power. This art reflects to you how spirit and matter blend like foundational elements. Spirit’s energy seeps down through the channels of language, transformed from one world to another, one dimension to another. And not as it is happening now in your world - language differences, dimensional differences - do not stop the flow, even when the channels are narrow. But now the acceleration of the process has began, and we thank you for the wide space we have had to deliver the knowledge of the spirit.

This period is called by you a period of extreme changes, and so it is. In spite of the flood of voices of fear, this period is not of solely negative changes. The more you go up on Jacob’s ladder, the more the negative and the positive blend, no more as opposites, but as a merger of elements, as a connection between worlds, between different knowledge treasures. The positive and negative flow in harmony side-by-side like a tree trunk channelling the hormone of growth and the hormone of death, the seed of fruit and the waste, through the same body, the same container, the same trunk connecting between below and above.

Dear masters, and trained hearts, your work now is being fed by the power of attraction of love. The crown vortex energy is connected to the grail of the knowledge keepers.

Like a droplet of dew that lies to rest on a rose petal, so do the reflections of the transitions between dimensions lend to the reality of the trained hearts.

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