Full Moon in Gemini - Contractions Precede Birth

Contractions pr​​e​ce​​de​ birth. Before giving birth the contractions aid us in pushing a new creation into the world. In ​​the​ psychic​ and energ​​etic​ process of our life these contractions push ​​us​ into a new phase, a new feeling, a new thought, a new creation of any kind.

The body that gives birth identifies when it is the perfect time to move on. In some sense ​it p​ushes away​ from itself the holding of the new creation in the darkness. It pushes the creation that ​has ​brewed in the dark matter to see the light. It is creation that say​s​ - Hey you are ready, you have received support, and a perfect nourishment, you have received everything you need and it is time to manifest it.

We live in a world of three dimensions, a world with a time-line and a space​-​line that give reality​​ and​ tangibility to creations that have been matured inside invisible realities.

Even these moments, the most conscious births, are accompanied by fear. You wish for everything to be well and the vision yearns ​​for​ a fine ​outcome.

These fears in the energetic process of human life are internal contractions that we can feel. They are gentle gentle voices that you can catch in the web of your awareness with the guidance of the wise old spider-woman ​who weaves life and death in a transformational web, catching that which has no room in the physical world, creating that which is new in the physical world.

​Listen to the voices of contractions, because the birth of the new you, the new feeling or thought, your new creation - will happen anyway! The question always, always, remains whether it will be a natural holistic birth that has ​all the ​support​ it needs​ ​​o​r ​whether ​it will be a birthing under the knife and​ ​neon lights that leave trauma and cuts, scars and damaged tissues that will take long to heal.

What kind of fear ​do ​your contractions deliver?

You must hear the voice of fear but you don't have to listen to it!

Are you afraid of what "they" will say, afraid of how "it" will be received, afraid of your greatness, afraid not to be rewarded, afraid to loose something, afraid you will be left empty, afraid to give away that which you know.... The content of the fear doesn't matter, see in the contraction a sign that it is time for a new creation to be birthed from you.


A new creation always brings us to meet humility and pride. A new creation is a consciousness break​ ​- a break​​ing​ open rather th​​a​n a break​​ing ​down. ​A​​​nd so​ it has to​ be​, as you bring a new factor, a new particle that changes this whole quantum soup which we call life.

Saturn square​s​ Neptune and we mature and give form to our vision, to our new world dream.

"As I work to understand my life,

Its scale seems to diminish,

As a tree I gaze up into

Flattens when I walk up a mountain

And look down on it.

Humility is really more natural

Than pride,

Which always seems to me to involve

A lie". Ann Truit


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