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Listen, The Bells of Spirit Are Ringing

At the centre of a hexagonal room sat a woman and a man. Dressed in a modest glory. Their splendour carries through their clothing with joy of heart and ease of being, a joy and an ease that plaid their clothing like gems. When a knock is heard at the door the man rises to open it. He moves with assurance, like one who knows the essence of the waiting. With a sweet smile on his face he receives the gift that is brought to him. He says goodbye to the gift's bearer and returns to sit in the chair which is ready and available.

Another sound is heard, and the woman rises up from her chair to open the door and greet the next gift. She bows with a gentle blessed bow and says goodbye with a smile of knowing. So does the couple sit with a grounded and balanced peace of the heart at the centre of the room listening to the door bells announcing the arrival of another gift. They are skilled in listening and identifying the subtleties of the bells' singing, and thus know when to open the grates of the room, the room of Human-Angels.

The Sounds of the Spirit's Bells

To what sounds do you pay attention? To which do you listen? The power of the sounds of spirit's love envelopes you as a loving blanket, provides you with a safe space at times when the balance seems lost. From earthquakes and refugee crises, to pain and outbursts of hatred, the sounds you are listening to will set the tone of the energy-charge with which you will meet the changes which are already coming. Silence your mind. Allow the inner space to recognise the gifts of spirit as one who awaits the gifts rather then awaits catastrophes. Silence your mind.

What has existed so far was not a balance but a keeping of a status quo. If you could have stood peacefully in the midst of a windstorm you would not have been exposed to new horizons. But you cannot stand against the strength of spirit and thus you are carried away, moving and being reborn into new spaces. This wind makes sounds. And this is heard now even by those that until now were embarrassed by love-words. Even by those whose cynicism has suffocated hope like a monstrous python.

I am Serina. And I am not a single voice. I am the sounds of a compassion and love coming to you each time to wash you like a wave from the depths of the ocean, bringing to your shore the sounds of healing. Each time that we knock on your door you can hear it. There are those who open it to receive the gift and blessings with splendid enthusiasm. There are those who listen and hesitate. Concerned whether they will be able to hold in the most treasured of gifts. And there are those who hear the old familiar song in the back of their heart-mind. They are afraid to leave their chair to let go of the known, that which they will call - balanced.

Those, dear beloved, are the hearts that need you most. They need the shared field of your love. Since love is private and collective at the same time. Love is felt through each and every heart. It is spread like the scents of the flowers in a blossoming field where one cannot know which flowers gave what scent.

Scents attract you to memories. These memories are energetic fields which actually act like a space free of time and a place where different imprints are imprinted. Just like a painter imprints her ideas and feelings into a glorious creation with canvas and colours. This is the power of your sense of smell. You pay attention mostly to your other senses like seeing and hearing. But your smell is your primal powerful sense. Do you remember the smell of love? Can it be the scents of love will draw you to memories of hatred? You say “follow your nose”, and we say to you now - follow your inner nose. Follow the scents of your shared love space as these will lead you to safe shores of new horizons.

Those who hear the sounds of love and sense the smell of love know it is no time to sit tight and say: "I have loved a lot". "I have loved enough". "And what about the love of others?" The hearts of those who hear the sounds of the spirit's bells know what gift we brought to you. We brought to you the only force you will need in crossing the lines of balance. You can imagine it as the crossing line between the third and the fifth dimension. You can imagine it as the crossing line between the old world and the new world. You can imagine it as a line between what is not and what IS. All that you will imagine works and exists. You are going trough a transformation between dimensions which is nothing like crossing between linear lines and we will speak more about this later, but for the purpose of your journey now it is only important to focus on the most powerful power of them all.

The Power of Love

When love is present you can look TRUTH in the eyes.

The more you flow with the stream - the stream of consciousness, the stream of nature, the stream of spirit - the more you will avoid pain and will allow experience itself to be the midwife of new insight, the midwife of an ascended human environment. One of the biggest problems in your world today is that the mainstream, as it is used in your language, still exists. This stream is flooded with artificial stimulations, flooded with road signs telling you where to go, what to listen to, and even what and how to speak. The individual stream is not free to shine out of itself. In the mainstream the movement is manipulated and out of manipulation pain and suffering is born. Pain and suffering are not necessary for growth, and we've been asked about it many times before. Pain and suffering are not needed. They simply stem out of manipulation and the extinguishment of passion.

2016 is not a promise for an easy year and the experience is up to you. The truth is not always experienced by you as easy. You are yearning for a change but the change needs your powers. It needs the power of love. When truth comes up from beneath the surface and cleans the river below the river, as the ancients knew to recognise it, you are asked to develop a new movement. A movement of strong love. A balanced love.

The coming period of time already gives the sign of what's coming in 2016. The signs are an indication for the "equipment" you will need in order to clear the river below the river. This is the natural flow of the universe, it is the flow of the Milky Way. And the trained hearts among you feel the weight of the souls. It presses your body like you would press a candy tube to squeeze out all the goodness that lies in the tube. Your souls are exerting pressure, if you will, to give a push of encouragement for you to come out of your shell, to fully show your beautiful self.

Allow the experience to be the midwife of a being on the path of freedom from suffering and pain. Trust the drift of the winds, the drift of spirit, to show you that walking with the power of love against the mainstream will squeeze out of Earth the sweetness the planet needs.

Unfulfilled Passion, calling, inner urges kills inner spaces. There is nothing more painful to this body-soul than merging from inner spaces that have wilted with the extinguishment of Self-passion. The mainstream, the artificial stream, has suffocated creativity and creation, the only attributes that are natural to the human being. Release from the shackles of the mainstream brings you to experience outbursts of creativity, like a dam bursting under the pressure of a healthy living river of water.

The Most Important Question

The spiritual journey is a process of surrendering to the gravity force of creation and creativity. They are fed by love. The spiritual journey is a spiral cycle around a fixed point of vulnerability embedded in each and every one of you. That point reminds you of the smell of the crossing point, the crossing point between dimensions. A gate where you stood once naked and exposed and ready to be merged with the sweetness of human creation. But institutions told you to watch out for this point so you won't get hurt, because someone might hurt you or take it away from you. The institutions of the mainstream took from you the ecstasy of love, and in that the art of asking questions. In the mainstream, questions are not asked.

This is why you have sexuality. Sexuality gives you the warmth, attraction and urges. These are unique humane vehicles of sacred merging between the passion and human creation. When you speak your truth you experience this ecstasy of touching, the treasures of your soul. These are places where time and space have no power over you. Magical places where you can get carried away, "forget" yourself in the cosmic vortex of the heart frequency, a vortex of human beauty.

The most urgent question you should ask yourselves now is: how do I express myself in my most authentic and truthful way?

The mainstream is coloured with monochrome colours to depress love. The people who lead the mainstream may be cynics who simply forgot the scent of unconditional love. But just as you cannot extinguish life, in spite of the apocalyptic news which hasn't been fulfilled, you cannot extinguish love. This is the future you are facing now. The ruling institutions, who also described sexuality as a lie only poisoned the roots. And thus the poison flowed to the river below the river. But you cannot destroy life. Anything in whose arteries life flows - whether human or not human - is inextinguishable!. It can only be transformed. When a tree root dies it is only composted and turned into fertile fresh earth! And so it is with the true authentic Self. And we will tell you again, you are not alone. Many of you feel the weight of your soul pushing on your human container to enjoy every drop of sweet honey that resides within you.

All the strength of existing and lacking of abundance, all the sickness, the poverty, the weather, everything is a reflection of the inner human's heart climate. Earth has cooperated and the weather changes are not a going-out-of-balance but a disruption of the status quo. Earth is not willing to absorb the red fluids which are not her truth. Physics tells you that the universe is a big infinite and mutual echoing box. And so is the power of love, Though the science of love has not yet being written. The power of love is an infinite and mutual echoing box which carries away everyone with no exception.

The spiritual journey as a journey of remembrance, a journey of echo, of coming back to truth, coming back home. Love does not accumulate knowledge. Love listens to the bells of truth and dances around them.

A Cosmic Guide to the Trained Hearts

The trained hearts are not those who see others as inferior or lessened in any way and matter. The trained hearts are those who know the portal of the heart. Not knowing of - but KNOWING! Knowing how to receive and absorb the gifts of light which are coming through the heart vortex, just like the bells of spirit are knocking on the doors of your soul. The messages you are receiving through the heart are the ones that move you to the spiritual journey. There are some who remember exactly when or how it happened to them. Going on the spiritual journey is always a call from the heart. And in a world where the mainstream cannot hear the symphony of the heart a conflict arose and the head had to surrender.

As long as you hold on to ideas that money provides you with abundance, that a work that doesn't fulfil your passion gives you freedom to satisfy your human needs, you are chained in ideas that are suffocating your TRUE freedom. With your hands you are suffocating your heart like an infinite python. The truth of the heart weighs on many of you. It wants you to listen. It is not possible to live anymore in the illusion that any life which is not aligned with the truth of the heart gives you freedom.

The hexagonal room is a container where truth is contained fully. So does the sacred geometry informed you and for those who know the essence of the hexagon know the truth it shines through. You are standing at the gates of a significant human cycle which will change the face of humanity beyond your imaginations. The concept of truth will be grounded within you. Like with love truth is also private and collective at the same time. It is felt through the personal human heart and expressed through the natural stream of the universe. This is multi-dimensionality.


And so did the couple sit in the hexagonal room. Without time, without a place. Each time the bell rang it announced the visit of the power of love. It brought another quality of itself, another expression of itself. Slowly, gradually, the room filled with human-angles, all ready and available to receive the infinite Echo of love's gifts.

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