The Promise

For 40 years the people of Israel walked in the desert, so the tale goes. Immersed in penetrating silence, the lightening golden colours and the bursting strength, they walked towards and up to the promise. The people of Israel, as a symbol to all the children of Creation, walked on paths leading towards a new creation. And there, in the silent spaces, like in the space between in-breath and out-breath, identities dried out under the blazing sun and the presence was lightened in the light of the moon. The most important question it is recommended that each one of you ask, beloved creations, is: what IS the promise?

Have you noticed at times during your earthly daily life the passing thought "this is not what I was promised!”? Do you know how to catch the capillary of feeling that the life you are asking for yourselves exists? Beloved, when you launch yourself in grievance for the "what I deserve" and the "what I was promised", you are not in creation. Once again, you are reminiscing and doleful about the past, about that which has already died and shrivelled in the desert. Take the brush of your life, a new clean slate, and start creating, because this is the time and the timing. The promise is the way towards "a new creation”.

The number four

Four as a number represents foundations and expression. The four directions of wind, the four elements, the kingdom of the forth dimension as the house for your spiritual guidance and your angelic presence. The inner capacity and wisdom to manifest an idea in a form. The frequency of the number four is of harmony and cooperation, this is the door and the opening to initiation and enlightenment.

In this historical desert story, which for some of you may be loaded with feelings, are encoded the foundations. The human period which has passed since the harmonic convergence is numerologically converging to the number 1. Now, after your planet has synchronised with the solar system, we would like to give you an understanding of the first foundation towards the manifestation of the promise and the current human synchronisation.

To give you an explanation of the foundations and the forth dimension is an easy task, and you could probably find much guidance and writings delivered by various teachers. What we would like to provide you with now is an intuitive understanding of the forth part of the first foundation, which is being revealed now and which some of you can already feel and recognise.


Every lock has an opening. An invitation for a key. The lock is not an opaque surface with no space for merging to the way and the path of the beyond. The key that merges with the lock has a freedom of choice: whether to turn towards the opening or towards the locking. There's an opening state, a possibility state, as opposed to a state of stagnation and stuckness. Well, beloved, don't stand there waiting in front of the door, don't spend the days of your lives in search for the right key. Since the meeting moment of the key and the lock is a divine meeting of merging the Self and spirit, unification of the known and unknown, of the existing and the missing. The freedom of choice was given to you, just as turning in or out is inherent to the key simply in virtue of being a key!

The key needs no cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments in order to become a key and manifest its essence in the freedom of choice to open the door to the beyond.

And when you choose to open the door, divine light floods you in dazzles, just as you know from the paintings, divine stories and scripts. Because this light is a clean and serrated frequency. It is an all-containing frequency that is entirely absorbed in the equation of the missing, leaving you in awe and wonder, in respect and appreciation.

This is your light, beloved. Embrace it with all your heart, since the more you will allow yourselves to reside in it the more your eyes will open. Slowly slowly the blinking of fear and frustration, of blindness and the sense of being lost will dissolve and disappear. The eyes will get used to the silence and cleanliness and you will get a life-light that is white smooth and clean. Just like a "clean slate" on which you can write a magnificent life-story. Only there is no such thing as a "clean slate", but in a more accurate and cleaner way (cleaner in terms of frequencies) an enlightened slate exists. Which is a slate in the chapter of your many lives. The metaphorical use you make of this expression "clean slate" is as invalidation of the foundations you have built, misleading the heart to think those are not strong and stable enough. But the foundations of your Self are strong, and on them you can build beautiful lives. How many rooms will you add to the house of your lives? In which colours will you awaken the building of your Self?

Even if you hung curtains to hide and reduce the light, curtains worked with patterns you have not embroidered or planned, this is the time and the timing to remove them. Since, when the human collective chose the light, the quivering and blinking in fear of the light was reduced. The light becomes practical clarity in your daily life. Notice the small things where little things suddenly become clear, where decisions are made as if of themselves, insight falls as manna from the sky, and tiredness dissolves in the light of the wholeness of moon and sun.


While you are waiting to ascend with the process of body rising up to spirit, Ascension is your transformation right here and now while you are live and kicking. You can know and learn as needed the language of density through the fluttering of the heart. The heart's strings dance to the chords of the feelings. When you feel happy, the heart feels easy and free to fly. When you feel fear, disappointment, anger or blame, the heart is as heavy as sitting under a charged cloud. The density of an event, as well as of a meeting with another being or another person, is transferred to you through the feelings. The heart is the receptor of density.

When you experience high density like heaviness, tiredness, being down and sadness, surround yourselves with the light of clarity. Charge your emotional body in light and let it flood you with dazzles. Slowly slowly you will feel the cleanliness of frequencies like cleaning the chords of a playing instrument that has sat for years in the basement. Retuning after prolonged idleness is an experience that most of you are experiencing now. The ups and down are more keenly felt – the heavy feels heavier and the light lighter.

Synchronicity of different and new states of density brings you to states of sensitivity, like one who has refrained from salting her food. Then each grain is felt throughout the emotional and sensual system, since it brings up to the surface the rest of the flavours and spices which season your life-dish.

Ignoring the appropriate density level of your body will not be possible, as it was in the past. It will be like listening to an out-of-tune radio. The songs will keep on playing with a background of grating and squeaking noises which you cannot ignore.

Be gentle with your bodies. Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies need your gentleness and compassion in meeting the new frequencies. Ask yourself: is this level of density of drama or fear-loaded news what I need to experience right now? Is there another density level which will better align with my bodies? Do I feel the right merger between the event and the experience as a perfect meeting between a key and a lock?


The balances, just like the answers, will come from the unifications of fields. Fields of knowledge and professionalism, fields of activity, energetic fields, social fields and more. The race after the small details, whether in your personal life or in a scientific field, has closed you up inside the frames of boxes, so now you restlessly move when your being asks to enhance.

Look for the balance in your lives, in places where that which you have excluded from the equation, that which you have ruled out of your lives as unworthy and unwanted, has left your lives with the illusion that you have created balance and peace in your daily life. What is and who is this that you have excluded from your lives thinking you have created balance and a path towards wholeness: maybe it's a family member you have pushed to the corner, who suddenly takes a clear space in the big and whole equation. There's no need to get stressed out and force yourselves to act, since humans are concerned that messages from spirit take away their freedom to choose whether to expel "this one" from the country, or to treat the neighbour as an outcast and out of the picture. But you, in your choice to exclude, took with your own heart your freedom of choice to experience unification and understand wholeness.

Ask yourselves: what do you have to give? Not just what is there to get and take. Since the source for unification is in giving. Sometimes, all that is needed or possible is to give space. Share space. A small room in your heart.

The root of wholeness is in giving. Giving is the rooting of the wholeness, just as in-breath gives space to out-breath, and out-breath gives space to in-breath. And an unbalanced breath is an unbalanced spirit. A wonderful way to find balance, therefore, is through giving. For that you don't need finances, social status or even special skills. Since giving is the accurate abundance, it is abundance of the heart which can effortlessly find the space to listen, to understand, to love. To give.


And here we conclude by resonating what we always ask to resonate within you, in each message and each meeting. When you have used the freedom of choice and opened the door to clarity and balance in your lives, beloved, you are on the path of manifestation.

If for some of you giving feels like a loaded word, or even a difficult one, especially when you elicit in your mind those who have offended you and acted not according to your reason, this is our offer to you: give first and foremost to yourselves. Since in the beginning humans were created out of giving, out of a balance of circumstances and reservoirs of beings, out of the enhancing spiral of non-human matter, the divine, which has synchronised with the request to manifest.

Remember that an elevated humanity is a wholeness of individual beings, synchronised and harmonised. Remember that the universe resonates you – each one of you and personally – and you resonate her back. Giving to yourselves is a sacred giving. How many heart-rooms have you allocated today for yourselves? The most transcendent giving that exists for you is the freedom of choice. How did you act today to manifest your gift?

Did you understand that this is manifestation? In enacting the freedom of choice to follow the desire of the Self, to act upon the personal passion and according to the commands of the heart, you have created manifestation, a transofrmation of spirit into matter and matter into spirit.

Each time you face a choice a dilemma or a question, ask the heart: What do you want? And listen to the answer. Even if at the beginning you will reject it, won’t believe it, or think that the answer that you have received is rididuclous or impossible. Refrain from conditioning the answer in time-tales and past anecdotes, release the answer from the chain of circumstance. Listen to the heart’s answer, and at the right time clarity and a balanced response will come. And this will not be late in coming.

Guidance is collaborative work of giving and receiving energies. This is a direct meeting of a space which is asking to give and a space which is asking to receive. When there is a desire and need in guidance, it is a desire for a conscious meeting of the enhancement and uplifting of the experience, from the simple and superficial meeting of what is pereceived by the eye to that which is felt by the heart. This is a transformation process of a mean to an end, this is manifestation.

The foundations of human evolvement reside in the freedom of choice. This a promise which has been given to each soul chosen to manifest in a human body. When you cash the bill of the promise, you are performing an act of giving for yourself and for humanity. The manifested promise of human freedom behaves like light. In fact, light is a point and a wave of impact, two simultaneous aspects of the human light

Clarity towards and synchronicity with the desired level of density will support balanced transitions and will contribute to the grounding of the experience of balance in your lives. When you look into your lives for the desired changes and the longed for renewal, remember the harmonious transitions between the day and the night, and the abundance of colours and hues guarding the sky and horizon, and hinting at a worthy and supportive manner of transition towards the manifestation of the freedom of choice.

And this is the promise.

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