2015 - The Year of the Unicorn

Far far away, deep in the thickness of the forest a commotion is arising. The earth stirs and moves as if dancing to hidden, subliminal sounds. The leaves lay on her after abandoning the tree, becuase now is the time and the timing, and they are floating with the earth’s movements, as if making space for a new being. Slowly slowly a huge figure forming from the mud thrusts up. Her legs gentle and firm, her breasts round and healthy, her eyes sparkling as a precious stone which has never been found. It is Mother Earth. And when she walks towards different places, places where her strength is felt through the quaking of homes, through the rushing, washing waters where pits are mined, she is escorted by the unicorn. The pure companion, who lives on the margins of visual reality, in his body unifies the sexes. His presence will be felt by those whose consciousness is distilled to wholeness. Mother Earth and the unicorn have received an invitation to a wedding. They are excited, because the spirit and the self have matured to the next stage.

The Kingship

A new season, a new year, a new cycle always bring a sense of happiness and excitement for the next thing. This is a time when hope is rising, aspiration and maybe even faith are enhanced, dreams and intentions are allowed to float up above the plateau of routine and dullness. It is time to take off the masks, since the old is peeling off and dropping away, and the readiness to pounce to a new identity, towards a fresh quality, is stronger then ever.

This is indeed a time for peeling off masks. Because, you know (addressing women), the masks that served you so far are old and worn out. Because the flexibility you have exercised in wearing different masks and fulfilling various roles (addressing men) has burned out your powers. Even when they’re attached to the body as a transparent wallpaper to a window, a sense of uneasiness calls you to find the exposed corners and angles. What are these going to be for you now?

Common expectations, rehearsed words and phrases, friends and partners, work or habits? Whatever is not aligned with the passion of the self receives an invitation to a wedding. This opening period is an experience of acceleration and the wind’s push to wildly pounce on the wild nature and the nature of the self.

There is no kingship in doubting the self. There is no High Office in keeping the master-key from locking the heart into the self. Your energetic, emotional and physical body responds to the signs with the intimacy and accuracy of matching a key to a lock, of a divine and sacred wedding. This year is opened and opening the way towards the discovery of the collective self which responds to the signals of the personal self.

Response is movement. Movement is change. Change is the way. The existence of the way is not enough, there’s a need to experience it to the full.

Disconnecting from the breathing tubes

Will you let the other to distract you from your own breath? Will you misinterpret the signs arriving at your doorstep as a call to pay attention to the messenger? Whether a man or a women, a praised teacher or a famous guide, who enters your lives and give you “a breath of fresh air”, will you allow them to distract you from the essential questions which are knocking on the doors of your hearts?

In the lives of many of you, relationships are facing questionings and misgivings, facing rearrangement. Life is a system of relationships and connections. The cells in your body sustain relationships, the stars above your heads dance in relationships. Humanity’s awakening is the relationship between the spirit and the self. It’s an awakening towards the disconnection of the breathing tubes that have fed you with artificial air for so many years.

Awakening and evolving are firstly a step towards the recognition of your amazing and independent self. To the wild and gentle self. Before the wed-unification, your individual self is a whole and complete organic being, a path to internal peace, a couple’s peace, world peace. An experience which is whole within itself is a complete experience. Since completeness is relative and wholeness is absolute.

We encourage you to pay attention to all the relative terms that govern your lives: time – before and after; space – above and below; the sacred – inner and outer. Relativity causes you to pace backwards and forwards like a hunting animal preying on the self: this is the desire to conquer what has actually been yours for aeons without time.

Will you want to disconnect from the breathing tubes and breath by yourselves? Will you remember what it means, how it feels, to let cosmic oxygen flow towards the creation’s source that you are?

No need to rush into conclusions, decisions and more actions that will only bring you back to the loop of distractions. Have you received a breath of air from a person or a situation? Then breath! Take a deep deep breath and enjoy it. Let it lead and direct you to the right places for you, just as the heart leads your bare existence.

Due to the fear of being led, you have forgotten the divine principle of your lives. You are led through and thanks to your breath. It tells you exactly where you are on your divine path of your selves. These are deep messages which are playing as metaphors in any life-story you choose to weave around the principles and rules of your personal lives. You were born to parents, but life raised you. You grew up within partnership and friendship connections, but the interactions fed and enhanced you.

You are nourished, you are supported. The spirit blows cosmic oxygen that comes to you through natural tunnels that need no breathing tubes.

What fills you and what subtracts from you? Ask yourself and don’t answer. Breathe. And with the stroking of inhalation and the exit of exhalation let the answers float up easily. Without effort. Abundance doesn't arise with pressure. Nor does it with slogans and fancy techniques. This is the string of inhale and exhale that dances with the crimson thread and embroiders the experiences into a living being.

The string of precious stones

Life is like strings of light photons. Imagine in your souls strings of beads. Each bead is an experience from your life. A bead joins another bead through the qualities of consciousness which magnetise their respective experiences towards one another. Allow me to introduce you: this is your self; this is life. The stringed connection creates a consciousness force, and with this consciousness force we invite you to create and generate this year. When you are synchronised with the idea of strings of experiences, linearity falls away and leaves the connectivity element as a leading and animating element of consciousness. Connectivity is the glue and the magnet of all living things and it guides you towards the ensemble of beads you will gather towards yourself. So let’s undress the experience. In order to expose the spine of the self, the sparkling precious stones that you are.

The dominant component in the string of experiences is you. You are the component you need more of. More of the unique and sacred self, more of the knowing self, the compassionate, understanding and listening self. It is not an invitation to be cut off from the environment, to stop listening to the occurrences around you and knowing when to lay a supportive hand and present a loving heart. The self is the centre of being, the centre of experience, and this is the element you would want to enhance and clarify in order to expose the sparkles of your lives.

The Bride – Mother Earth, free from shame

When you tell about yourself, will you present who you are, or will you go back to stories of fathers and mothers? Have you defined your being based on a framework of routine-like stories? How much shame have you drawn from the well of ancient water, how much guilt have you accumulated in the shade of justification?

The self is a being that is clean and free from shame, just as the earth doesn’t need to justify itself for you. Shame points out to you that which you haven’t dared to accept within yourselves. The belittled self is bound with handcuffs to the shame-branches of an entangled life whose roots lie in ancient generations. Uproot the bushes and break the handcuffs. Run in the streets in joy and dances, look at the sparkle of the stars, paint the painting you have never dared to spread upon sheets of paper, tell a friend all those things you left on your heart like the remains of burned fat.

The self is proud in the magnificent creation of many lives, of the brave ones who overcome that which is perceived to be stupid, that which is perceived as different and alien. And that which has felt as failure has died, only to be reborn. When you’ll shake off the shame, dissolve it with the releasing substance of consciousness, and you will see with fresh eyes the bride, the femininity within you which is ready and mature to merge with Ascension.

The gift

Intuition pares and clears its way like a wind moving gently and peacefully between the branches of the bush of shame. It grants you a Feeling. This is the Knowing. It is not sensing, nor is it emotion, hope or faith. This is the extract of Knowing which fills your bodies and hearts with what you know as "Aha". That same Knowing that brings you confidence on a silver plate like a gift a moment before you loaded it with rusting junk.

The intuition, the Feeling, are the parents you have always been looking for. It is the ultimate mother, the protecting father. They live right inside you and through you, regardless of your earthly life-stories. So who are you? What is there left to say about your self without the wrap of sticky roots to a life that is not yours.

Change is the name of the game. Always has been, always will be. This is the nature of change. Many of the concepts which you are already familiar with are changing and will continue to change in a multi-dimensional acceleration throughout this coming year. The more you follow your passion and manifest it in any layer of your lives, so the attachment to relative terms will lessen in your lives. The multi-dimensional influx undresses humanity from thick layers of power and masks as it shifts towards the individual and the self-governing. Acting in this direction will be the path you would want to walk on, and which you would want to share.

Doing is a dancing to the sounds of the heart in time with the collective synchronisation of your light-family. Biological relations founded on social biology will weaken. The people and events that will catch your attention will be the relations of connectivity magnetised to you through your level of consciousness. The more you distill and cleanse your consciousness, the more powerfully you will magnetise the abundance you are yearning for and which you are worthy of. The absence can fill the fullness. Inside the wholeness of absence and fullness lies the gift.

Look at the children who are born now to your world, they come with qualities and abilities as if they pass to this world not through the channels of birth, but rather through a cosmic tunnel. They speak a new language. Free from shame, full of confidence. And if you are a parent to such a child, you know how it feels – as if they are the parents of themselves. They use intuition, the gift of the wind’s directions which provides them with guidance. Guidance that strokes the feelings of the heart as if they were the most expensive precious stones.

Through the gift you will discover the parent which you are to yourselves, the free master that you are (addressing women), transmitting her messages through the intuition tunnels of your own Self.

The carpet of light

And when you release your feelings and they are clean and flowing freely like a river of colours and flavours on a baking-tray; and when you have hugged at once a parent’s and a child’s hug, along with the Feeling which is released in the tunnels of intuition you carry your lives lightly, as if flying on a carpet of light which knows what the path and the intention are. The path is endless and wide, and you are floating on waves of intention like a firefly seeking out the moist places in the magical forests of your lives.

Saying “YES"

Simply saying YES is accepting the invitation of the heart to ascend to the next level of the soul-spirit merger. This is the invitation of a being which knows to simply merge in mundane tales, the superficial and banal which directs the heart at each and every moment towards that which is right. Even when it’s painful, even when it’s exciting and dancing. Even when it’s disappointing. Otherwise, how will you walk the path of experience, how will you fly on the carpet of light if you unpick the threads of its pattern?

Many times you have forced the heart to utter rehearsed and translated statements and phrases taken from all kinds of theories and magical philosophies of the “New Age”. Courses in abundance, guidance in finance, all kinds of affirmation. You have done all these in the closure of Haftarah (Jewish ritual farewell speech), in the ritual banishment of the pain and suffering. As if great teachers you have known and read about have lived lives free of pain or lack, as if the famous and talented artists created magnificent creations free from frustration and madness.

You have simply struck another modern deal with the promise of something in return. Creating yet again a cause and effect equation, you have paid, and the deal has failed, again. Because you haven’t allowed the absent to fill the full! It’s another thought-embroidered deal in the transition between the last year and the coming year.

Internal peace, abundance and love simply will not be there for any kind of deal. Even if it has been invented under the umbrella of the new season. The heart lives as an independent organic creature, independent even from yourselves, its faithful carriers. The heart knows no compromise on connectivity, does not negotiate.

With each inspiration, let go of the illusion regarding creation that stems from a deal. You mustn’t be afraid of loosing your backbone, or the bride’s joy, since the backbone doesn’t buzz with electric sparkles in a heart that doesn’t know how to breathe properly, without someone being there to say YES to the movements of the soul and to the passion of the self.

The groom

What will happen if you stop arguing? Where will that lead you? What kind of energy would be available to you? Dare to move forward in an elegant movement without struggle, with the confident steps of a magical creature binding in the being the wholeness of all sexes, all colours, all desires.

A transition from one state to another is a consciousness transition. You can’t arrive at the un-known through the knowing of the head. But you can arrive at it from Knowing. The same gift embedded in the Feeling, in the vibration of the heart that dances to the sounds of the internal truth of the self.

The unicorn is a symbol of unification. This is a time of unification and merging of spirit and self. The wedding. If you yearn for visual gratification through street banners and books telling you to look at what others have, their success and abundance, you will keep swinging in the pendulum’s swing of relative lives and concepts. The unicorn resides in the margin of perceived reality, and the more you follow this symbol, the more you will enhance consciousness and the waves of the collective self, and hence your abundance. Abundance is the ability to create a self expression out of the matter which exist in your lives. Any matter at any level can be renewed as a powerful beacon of expression, proudly stating: "Here, this is me! This is how I look (addressing women), and this is how I feel (addressing men)". What a joy dwells in sharpening and transmitting the unification!

The Wedding

For the wedding you will make yourself beautiful. Prepare the heart and the body. Be ready to lose weight. It will be an internal sense of relief. Whatever took effort and resistance will lose weight. Thinking is like being overweight. It upholsters your body with fat and protects it from the cold and the sickening of the heart, but it also weighs down movement and change. The frequency of thinking is heavier than the frequency of the heart, if you wish for another way to understand this. The frequency of the heart is one of gentleness and connectivity, thus an appropriate measure of thinking is required, but without overdoing it.

The ring of the heart is the frequency of the personal and the self. This is why an evolved humanity is one comprised of individuals producing sounds and pronouncing syllables through the frequency of the heart. When the language you use creates with the letters and punctuations of the heart, this is a sacred language. When you argue with what is, your attention is directed only to that which is absent, to the difficult, the sorrows and troubles, the battle, the darkness. Stop arguing. Sharpen that which is in your heart that asks without a fight. Discover how much energy will be available for you in stopping the argument, since this is the energy of 2015.

Allow yourself to acclimatise to the feeling of stopping the argument by the gentleness of practicing saying YES. Close your eyes and say YES. Yes, free from deals and promises, innocent of hope and faith, is a clean energy of allowing. YES. YES. YES.

Repeat this several times in the desired spaces and open up to the arising feeling. Be aware that feelings will storm and fury since you have opened the dam, you have removed the burial stone from the cave of darkness, and the light has flooded the feelings’ codes engraved on the cave’s walls, which have thus been enlightened like an ancient magic spell. Pay attention to something deep deep inside the intangible dictating the rhythm, the singing, an idea or feeling, something familiar. Just as your heart fluctuates to the familiar sounds of the rabbi’s singing. Or the monk’s chant, the shamanic howling, the call of a loving mother. These natural sounds awaken the heart’s yearning to connect with the familiar.

This is the sacred music which will accompany you, men and women, to your wedding ceremony with yourselves while you’re walking on the path which has never began and will never end, while you glorify in your beauty adorned with passion-stones, glorified with the splendour of loving your soul.

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