The Dance of the Flames' Voices

The Phoenix spread her wings and revealed the flaming hues of her feathers as she flew to her nest. It is some time now that she has been working on weaving her nest, the place where she will blaze forth anew from ashes and dust. The internal knowing of the right timing for a new birthing is an ancient and pure virtue. The Phoenix knows when to abandon the old, to consume it with the burning passion for a new life, a new cycle. In weaving the nest she’s engaging in the sacred art of the power of life. This power resides in every living creature, it’s available to the one who’s connected to the inner voice, the voice of the fire’s passion. The source of abundance.

My voice

How many voices are running inside you like an unchecked fire? The social voice, the parental voice, the voices of neighbours, teachers, and strangers. And then there are also the voices of the male and the female. Voices wandering like ghosts. How will you hear spirit if you don’t listen to yourself? Are you able to discern and sort who is what? Where is the source, where is the voice of creation and creativity? If you had listened to the voices what would you have discovered about yourself?

The medley of voices creates an off-key choir that makes you wince. These are the diseases, disasters, and wars you experience. You hide from your personal voice when the spirit is ringing the bell; you pretend you are not home. The unique voice of the self is the only energetic sound through which peace, healing for every issue, every wish and request embedded deep in your heart, can be found.

To identify your personal voice you must sieve through the medley, allowing even those voices that seem nourishing and right to die. Whatever is found to be appropriate will magnetise back to your heart in the process of renewal. Because the heart is the province of the personal voice, and it knows the hymn of the sacred voice, which causes the heart to flutter. The heart’s flutter is the strum of the personal voice’s cords, and therein lies your unique treasure, yourself.

The golden egg

Listening to the personal voice is a movement of consciousness expansion. It’s a sacred path organically leading to sorting, discerning, filtering and reclaiming preferences, capacities, and meanings in life. When the personal voice erupts from a person’s throat, you can listen, connect, and converse, even when the views and opinions expressed are not aligned one hundred percent with the ideas you carry. Your internal ear is skilled in identifying your own classical music, even when you yourself are not making your own classical music. It resonates deep in your consciousness, and the waves bouncing through the field of the fluttering heart, the field of emotions, supplies you with the appropriate tools for expanding and understanding.

It is not possible to receive confirmation for your personal voice. No matter how expert the expert is. Because the personal voice is a unique force which only you can identify. Only you can uncover and lay the golden egg. Any confirmation for your personal voice you will seek is simply another external voice that you will add to a gruelly mash which has lost its sweet taste. Identify your personal voice. It calls to you like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, playing a familiar seductive tune erupting from the thicket of the dark dense forest of wild nature, calling you to come.

Come home.

Time for the birth of wild nature

To be born anew, like the beginning and end of a cycle, is towards your soul’s life. Beyond-time life. This concept, which you name Time, I would offer for a moment to replace with the word ‘divider’, because Time according to the rules of human concepts runs and functions as a divider. It creates a conceptual separation between that which is happening now and that which is not. Such a divider does not allow two events to exist at the same time, since even at the smallest point of present only one thing can exist for you, just as when there’s night there is no day, when there’s a day there is no night.

Try stretching in your imagination this smallest point of present, this current light photon penetrating your consciousness, stretch it like a strip-trail of light. The field created by the stretch is a metaphor for the continuum-present. And while you’re abiding in this continuum-present, the septa and the dividers will fall without effort. This is Time which doesn’t obey the human rules for Time.

Any living person owns a breath, and thus owns the access to a scientific-unmitigated experience out of which an understanding of the heart is born. In observing the breath there’s an observer and an observed. This is an experience of the split. The actual fact of observing is a splitting action. The observer is the awareness engine of consciousness. The observed is the carrier-vehicle, the physical body and experience-carrier. Additional dividers.

Where there is a split there is space. This space is freedom from the known, where consciousness resides. Where there’s no split, the energy accumulates and converges to the highest energetic point, energy without spaces. Energy without motivation which finds its course of action in a mode of natural knowing.

All this quantic fabric abides in one breath. A whole and full life exists in a cycle of inspiration, expiration, and abiding. Time dissected into days, weeks, and months is arbitrary, and doesn’t have the power to preserve the natural elements existing in nature unconditionally. Dividing time to conventional units doesn’t compensate for their loss, hence renewal is not found by relying on an artificial system.

The cycles and seasons are all flattened to one single plateau - the doing plateau. Routine. There’s no difference between work routine and war routine. The cycle of life, where you look for resolutions, can only rest on natural foundations: the sweating of lusts and desires; the moulting of previous ideas, efforts, and calculations; the hibernation of creation maturing and embroidering itself, with no distraction or interference; the glorifying, the sharing, and the appreciating.

Routine is fracking and wounding the soul’s earth. Shattering it to shards and leaving it orphaned of sensuality, void of creativity. You should not be misled into thinking that creativity is the gift of the few who are endowed with an expanded capacity for verbal expression, artistic expression, healing. The creative expression does not despise, scrutinise, or choose. It exists just as the wind doesn’t stop blowing. At times more powerful, at times less, but it exists in all Time and timing.

When the wild and natural is perceived as bold, brute, and rejected, the human species is suffering from emotional oedema. Death and being born anew are energetic renewal. The power to create, to feel afresh, the ability to listen, joy, love, all are expressions of being born anew out of wild nature. Pay attention to how you allow the existence of those elements in your life.

The fire – Spirit arousing frequencies of matter

When you make love, your body feels the heat of fire, the burning passion. This is leaving the routine plateau, this is the heat of creation your body speaks through its colours, the blushing of consciousness. You need not be afraid of the fire element. To be scared of embodying the fire is to force the body’s consciousness and soul’s consciousness to live without the spirit arousing the frequencies of matter into an exalted understanding of a beautiful delicate being. This is cosmic orgasm, the body’s right for ascension. The fire-element is spirit distracting the leaves from their tree’s mind, leaving nakedness pure as the day it was born.

The sensuality is desire for life. Desire for feeling life, experiencing life, merging with life. Life is not the building you have built on the earth, the cars you have bought, the universities you have attended. Life is an organic creature, just as sensuality is not a mere expression of sex between people, but sensory and para-sensory indulgence with the winds of spirit. The bridge for connecting with the self. A pulsating expression of giving and receiving messages from the internal organs, the Cosmos’s organs, the darkness of the Universe’s womb.

This is an invitation for self-love, one which fertilises the me and the shining self, naked of masks. This is a movement towards within which is a movement of letting go of self, cleaning the self, preparing the inner home to serve in due time soul’s pure sweet and kindling fruits, the soul’s extract.

Peeling the voices

Where do we start peeling the voices from the top of the personal voice? How to reach the hidden treasure in the deep subterranean fountain of the soul? And what is this invisible wild soul that lurks inside me like a dark monster under the bed anyway? And every time a thick and generous plaster is peeled a squirming bothering voice is heard. The traditional social ego screams for fear of losing its grip. It loses the shape and image that so many books have been written about. And what kind of books will be written now? In the absence of form, the lack of convention, a coffin? Who will provide the substitute? Who will set the leading voice?

To peel the skin from the top of the personal voice, the wild nature, to merge with the seasons, to devote oneself to the knowledge of the Phoenix rising in flames from that which is over, without fear, just as a season is not afraid to end, fearing it won’t come back ever again.

The season of flame

Could you appropriate the rainbow and thunder to yourself? Does the apple seed deny the tree and the life within it, ignore or refuse its personal creative potential? So it is with the passion element of your soul. Burning, since it is her nature. You can only come close to her and embody her in the body. If you ignore her creative potential, she will keep existing in the spiritual field of potentials, until you summon her to fulfil and fill herself.

The season is the best friend of the soul. It allows her to dress and undress form, with no judgment, as her heart desires. Giving a listening ear and good advice. All in the right, synchronised, and loyal rhythm. She’s inhabiting the necessary learning by deepening her roots to the depths of the soul, where healing, nourishment, and the magic of creation occur. Don’t deny the winter when it comes. Don’t deny yourself a sun-tan in the enlivening sun. Don’t be afraid to glow like an autumn tree crowned with leafs in abundant colours.

The goddess of darkness and light

Femininity lies at the centre of flame. She’s the power that attracts us within, hypnotises us to the depths of enlightening darkness. Masculinity is the enveloping light calling us up. He’s the springing power to the Universe’s womb, erupting and bursting like the sparks of the flame. Could you separate between the hues of the flame? Between her internal and external? How could you separate between femininity and masculinity that together exist and serve the element of the flame?

The body is a multi-lingual creature. It dresses and undresses like the seasons. In the dialogue between self and spirit, you converse in a multi-dimensional language.

When the rain drops splash on the window

they don’t apologise

And no one feels the need to translate them.

When the mist falls on the narrow roads

hiding the trees’ neighbourhood

there is no question about the role of the light.

Your personal voice expresses the independent spirit, peeled clean, in neither the deep nor the shallow, neither the poor nor the rich. Speaking the self is channelling the soulful voice that has no need for arrogance and belittlement, nor to be managed and controlled. The personal voice is the nurtured and nourishing whole. The sacred and sanctified, the divine and united. It burns in the passion of the blue flame in the centre, spreads to the orange-red crowning fire. Together, like spirit and self, a polarity directed towards harmony.

If you desire change, if you experience change, asking yourself where does all this lead, how to face it, imagine in your soul the seed of the answer sitting erect at the centre of the flame like the power of the Phoenix which cannot be harmed by the heat of events, rather using it. The fire represents the radical changes of perception expressing themselves around the world, the revealing of destiny’s secrets, the mystics of creation, sprouting ashes buried under routine.

The way of the heart

The heart has many layers and colours. Do you know how to give voice to the fear within you? Do you know how to feel joy, despair, hope, excitement, or disappointment? Could you look at this palette and say transparently what you can and cannot reflect? Will you easily say to the ones you love - I love you.

In order to give voice to the personal voice, you will have to go through the heart, there’s no other way. The personal voice is not a harassing selfishness. It is joining the planetary ascension process. Because participating in the planetary change process is a personal choice. And a personal choice is the ability to express the unique needs and desires of each and every one of you. And in order to find the authentic expression of needs and desires you will have to go through the heart, the centre of your imprinted self. Through the conscious web of connections abiding at the pulsating centre.

Darkness is not just another metaphor which you can roll on a sophisticated tongue of words. Darkness comes to you through feelings, through the heart, through lacking, pain or distress, however small. Turn your throbs towards your heart, and let the darkness enlighten you, enlighten your consciousness. Let darkness guide you in exposing the internal roots of existing sources. Those hidden from your eyes when you carry them out through the windows of ego-constructs.

The flame’s dance

To deposit the hope, love and faith in abiding. Between one breath and another, between in-breath and out-breath, there’s a space. This is infinite space, of peacefulness and containing; there love, hope, and faith exist in harmony, letting go of themselves. Then the self can emerge, as if out of nowhere, from the ashes of burned feathers and the internal flame of the glorious Phoenix that you are. Of the soul of the bird who knows flight, knows where to place and build a nest, amongst exposed branches void of green and fruity identities. Between sky and earth connected and also disconnected.

In sojourning where nothing happens and everything occurs. In abiding where potentials dance the dance of fire. Spirit swirls, flames flutter, and there you are born anew, out of love, hope, and faith, residing in the sacredness of abiding.

The resources that humans lean on are dwindling. Water, vegetation, animals, even oxygen are becoming scarce, contaminated, and expensive. Governments, social structure, financial support are crumbling, crashing, unreliable. What is the message, you may ask? Why do we need to carve through the flames? Have you noticed how these events turn you inwards, if necessary forcing you to establish other sources of support? These sources you will find inside. Inside the sacred self of yourselves. If you have experienced a lack of substance, absence of money, it doesn’t mean lack of abundance.

Abundance is expansion, and for that a movement of convergence is necessary. This is the shaking free of the need for confirmation, embracing solitude for the sake of empowerment, both personal and collective. The teacher, the leader you are looking for is the fountain, and you can find her in diving to the depth, to the place where you hear nothing but the pulse of your heart and your soul. This is abundance, my beloveds.

When your internal fountain flows, there will no longer be the need to mine a hole and glean ephemeral rain water. When the internal fountain flows, self-love will shine in the strength and confidence of peace. Abundance resides in the pulse of your unique personal voice, in cosmic sensuality naturally creating.

Humans normally think of themselves as lacking the ability to influence globally. What can “I” do to influence the world anyway? Each one who exposes her or his personal voice allows transparency. Transparency of the heart is an expression of abundance. This is a personal doing ascending to the global level. Go out to nature, the rivers and forests, stroll in the streets of the city or roll on the moist or hot soil, and discover the authentic abundance existing in abiding and sojourning.

Sanctify yourself with the internal and the divine, find it in the below and the above, the centre and the envelope. Join and connect to the element of fire, to the self.

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