Games of light and darkness

The pupils, the dark matter, engage in a crucial life-game with the light which affords us an insight into the paradoxical relationship between light and darkness. The black pupils need light, and when there's not enough of it they expand to absorb more of the illuminating matter. When light increases, they shrink and contract. Expansion and contraction are the natural internal cosmic movements of a system learning from itself with itself.

Expansion in not shapeless: it doesn’t lose itself. Instead, it exists quantically as a mechanism of re-convergence for the purpose of re-expansion in a paradoxical mutual relationship which is characteristic of unified divinity. Divinity need not explain itself: it brings itself into manifesting in relationships. The relationship of light and darkness is one of wholeness and unification. The one impacts on and informs the other, since they are one, and split (as a different form of expansion) only by the wave-movement of creation and infinite evolvement. The shadow, too, is not separate from the Human, whose movement it reflects, and it decreases and increases according to the possible field of light or the amplification of the dark matter.

The “looming darkness", a common expression in your language, comes to teach you about the latent secrets that reside in the black matter, which, once exposed to the light will teach and illuminate the dark matter providing information and latent knowledge that is true, paradoxical, yet crucial. At night, latent secrets in the depth of the darkness of consciousness surface through dreams, shedding light on possibilities and interpretations, maintaining contact with other worlds, parallel worlds.

Reality changes its face in light and in darkness. Just like the pupils’ capacity to perceive a clear picture according to the conditions of light or darkness. And conditioning is what shapes consciousness. Human consciousness, misled by the cosmic consciousness which contains the refined knowing, discovers cosmic consciousness according to the level of density, within which it sojourns and inside which it dwells. When it travels to other internal worlds and parallel worlds in altered states such as those of sleep or rest of the physical body, human consciousness is allowed to expand and merge within different density states. Those density states preserve the game principle of relationship between dark matter and light, illuminating areas which "here" are darkened and "there" are suddenly illuminated, inside the same consciousness itself. Consciousness expands and contracts according to density levels, as a quantic conditioning of unified divinity.

The eyes, as a quantic and physical tool of vision, simultaneously, are full of dust, as the Buddha said, and hence blinded. Stardust is the veil that envelops consciousness while it abides in the Earth's density state, and through which the Human flirts with the spark of divinity until they can fully open their eyes to the light without being dazzled or blinded. Darkness fell on various areas of Earth like a divinity's wink, inviting Humans to turn on the light.

When the eyes cannot see, consciousness expands once again towards internal fields connected on a deep hidden level - a quantum level - to the unified world, the 4th dimension, as it was called by the rishis of ancient India. Opening the eyes wide, on the other hand, as a metaphor of awakening, is the action of preserving the cosmic umbilical cord as a crimson thread intertwining with the quantic and material levels. Eyes, the mirrors of the soul, receive and transmit light. Different waves, as a quantic quality, residing in the same field - the eye-universe - lead us towards the evolution of unified divinity.

© Shelly Sharon

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