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Summer Sale- Butterfly Pack.

Summer Sale- Butterfly Pack.


Please be kind and don't just click because it's 0CHF.



For some, the summer is time to lay still on a beach with some exotic food and a book. Hopefully you don't need to choose between this and some good healing work.


For me, a holiday has been for years a time when I can get rid of some inner blocks and find greater inner freedom. That's why I'm offering some great summer sale options:


1:1 sessions with me, limited to 2 slots for 40% off

Taking it from 1500CHF to 900CHF!

This is a great offer for you if:

  • You're interested in healing the mother wound and want a method that's compassionate, somatic-based
  • You're ready to start during the summer (first session booked by Sep 2nd)
  • you're just starting your mother wound healing journey or have been on it for a while



Bookable until August 10th (provided there are free slots left)


Your booking is completed once you've made the payment

  1. The purchase on this store is set on 0chf, but once you've completed the purchase you'll receive a PDF file with the details to make the payment of your choice (one or two/three payments).
  2. Please make the payment within 24 hours or your package will be discounted


As a small business owner that runs on trust, I can offer these affordable packages if not using PayPal and its horrendous fees. Your purchase will count in the limited number of available summer sale packages and will create unnecessary work to cancel any un-intended purchase.


  • Terms & conditions

    • Refunds are not offered for this package so please invest with intent
    • With this package, you receive 10 x 60 mins sessions to be conducted within 3 months, starting by Sep 2nd at the latest
    • You'll also receive for each session a PDF summary& mp3 recording of the session
    • You can receive further support from me via WhatsApp or email with anything related to our work that you might want to share, question or ask for witnessing, I do my best to respond within 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays
    • Session rescheduling or cancellation is to be done at the latest 24 hours before our scheduled call. otherwise counted
    •  If I'm inspired by our work to extract an anecdote to be shared with others I will ask for your permission first and will never share your personal  details unless you've instructed me otherwise
    • When paying in full you'll receive as a BONUS access to my exclusive resource page and a book we'll choose together delivered to your house
  • More info

    Check out my work here if you landed on this page and not sure what I do or how I work

  • Payment

    • The total payment for the package is 1500CHF (instead of 2500CHF)
    • You can pay in full or : 2X750CHF or 5X300CHF monthly payments
    • When you pay on full you allow me to offer support for others and you also receive a bonuse of access to an exclusve resource page and a book we'll choose together dlivered to your home
    • All instructions for payment (including if you're not familiar with Wise) are clearly laid out in the PDF you'll receive once you've completeed the purchase here)
    • If you live in Switzerland you can make a bank transfer or TWINT
    • For international payment, please pay with Wise
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