The Healing Powers of Mindfulness Ebook

The Healing Powers of Mindfulness Ebook


If you want to live your life with much less effort, yearn for a greater sense of wholeness and want to have a practice that is much more than zoning out every but leads to a fierce confidence in your life then you'll feel at home with this eBook on the healing powers of mindfulness.


Mindfulness can help us deal with our most pressuring difficulties and pains, yet for it to do that we need to cultivate it with proper and healthy roots.


Mindfulness relies on four foundations, according to the Buddhist teachings. More than a technique it is a complete and full answer to many of our challenges such as feeling inadequate, dealing with stress or depression, being possessed by fears or worries, feeling that something’s missing and more.


The healing powers of mindfulness eBook helps you grow real inner healing powers that walk with you for the long run. This eBook suits both beginners and those who wish to deepen their practice.


This eBook accompanies the course Finding Resources for renewal: The healing powers fo mindfulness meditation. It's given to course participants as part of the course.


You can purchase this eBook independently and enjoy a wealth of knowledge, guided meditations and suggestions for including mindfulness into your daily life.


This ebook includes:

  • 54 pages beautifully designed for an enjoyable reading experience
  • 6 total chapters on all four foundations of mindfulness
  • Instructions for beginners
  • Guidance for supporting the body in sitting meditation
  • How to work with difficult feelings
  • How to work with body pain
  • Teachings on gaining a sense of belonging
  • Discovering the five common mind traps are and how to avoid them


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