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Letting Go & Fresh Expression single meditation (R.A.D)

Letting Go & Fresh Expression single meditation (R.A.D)


This is a track from the meditation album R.A.D - feeling Radiant, Aligned and Daring.


This meditation focuses on Letting Go and Fresh Expression (23:05)

The energy we need in order to hold on to habits, tendencies of the ego, unhelpful perceptions  or hurts is taking up from the energy we need in order to make a change or find a new way of self-expression. This meditation leads you to an experience of letting go and discovering a fresh self-expression. 


This meditation was recorded while in deep meditation. It's a piece of art.


The meditation is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. 

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    Due to the nature of the product returns and refunds and NOT offered

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    This is a digital product. Once purchase is completed you'll receive immediately an audio file with the single album track you've purchased to download and keep forever.

  • Reviews"I meditated to the first track (on flow) t

    "I meditated to the first track (on flow) today, sat in a park facing a magnificent plane tree, reminiscent of a tree I love in Gaia House garden 🌳

    I appreciated the meditation, thank you - I feel you speak very well to a number of obstacles that people - (at least I - encounter in meditation, for example around trying, around holding ideas of how it’s meant to go.

    I haven’t done much meditation with the breath in recent times, but feel I could be opened up to it (or at least some kind of one-pointedness) a bit more through this album. Thank you for this gift Shelly"

    Darran B., UK.


    "I just listened to the abundance and creativity meditation which is wonderful. Your soft voice is like silk and you took me to the place I needed to go. Thank you so so much for this offering and blessing"

    Sarah O., Switzerland 

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