Finding energy in a busy life, knowing how to stop negative thinking, growing a genuine love for yourself. These and much more can be your gifts, your resources for renewal, through the practices of meditation.

Meditation has played an important role in the routines of wise and successful people for thousands of years. Nowadays science has demonstrated the many benefits of practicing meditation. For many people the drive to achieve higher levels of performance leads to lower levels of concentration and creativity and high levels of stress. Meditation is both a way of life and a practice, a training of the mind that results in a life led with greater meaning and practical tools to handle the various challenges of life.

This Introduction to Meditation will give you the knowledge and experience needed to allow you to cultivate your resources for renewal, increase your capacity to focus on the things you care about, with a sense of restfulness and inner peace.


Introduction to meditation is a 6 weeks course, focusing on:

  • Learning how to cope with negative feelings and transform them

  • The necessary knowledge to meditate confidently in groups or by yourself

  • Finding inner peace, reducing stress and developing laser-sharp focus

  • Discovering what are the 5 common traps of your mind

  • Cultivating tools for making desired changes in life

  • The foundations of inner wisdom that lead to self-reliance and self-confidence 

  • Elevation of fulfilment and joy in your life


  • Refund Policy

    Full refunds are available if cancellation email was sent 14 business days before the start date of the course.


    50% rufund will be issued 7 business days before the start of the course, withinn 10-20 business days


    Refund is not avilable 2 days before the start date of the course

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