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We're out for a break. Please watch this space to learn when and where we're reopening.

Open the heart

Raise your creativity

Find your courage

Expand your consciousness

Express your true self

Why do so many people still suffer when there is so much self-help books on the shelves?….


Why can’t you make what you want to happen in your life if you follow all the affirmations and other spiritual advices you got?….


Being truly yourself may not be easy when the world is constantly telling you how you should look like, dress like, talk like….

These Friday evenings are an invitation to step OUT OF YOUR MIND and be your self! Come in touch with the invisible world that lives inside you and all around you. To gain wisdom and inner peace through reflection, exploration and sharing.


It is an invitation to look more deeply into what’s happening in your life and learn how to create a healthy and supportive relationship with that, so you can fully enjoy your life.

"When I was looking for a place, where I can truly be me, open up to new dimensions of myself and my life, I came across Shelly. 


Since the first Friday I went, I made it a priority for my Friday nights to be an attendant of these gatherings. 

Every time there is something more I learn about myself, about the people around me, I am gaining new insights and make experiences that truly touch my heart. 


The sacred gatherings have done so much for me already in this short period of time and I see myself growing bigger and expanding my heart in a beautiful and peaceful way.


If you are looking for a place where you can be freely you, with whatever is taking place in your life, I highly recommend you join.


Thank you Shelly for being such an amazing spiritual teacher to me and to others."

Some people have a sudden clarity of mind, an insight, or a profound spiritual experience, others may have heard an attractive spiritual view of life - but how do we go about integrating all these into the life we already have without causing a major disruption or even a crisis?


These weekly meetings are just about that - integrating spiritual experiences and understandings into our daily lives or having whole new experiences.


To create more joy, to awaken the heart, to fulfil more dreams, to develop more creativity and flexibility, to cultivate inner peace, to hold simple joy, to make connections, to be able to show up in and for life in a confident and wholesome way. 

The meetings will be guided by my authentic and unique ways of awakening the heart, expanding consciousness and elevating energy. 


Some of the practices we'll use, but not solely, include meditation, imagination, energy work, guided talks, conversations, gentle movement, and any other form that feels fit.


This gathering is a perfect way to end the week and clear your mind and heart, to rejuvenate yourself for the weekend and make yourself more free and available to begin your following week.


You will be able to bring your questions or concerns about your life

To explore and express the yearnings of your heart

To feel

To express

To realise.


Yes it's out of the box

Yes it's out of the norm





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