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"Whatever we frequently think of and ponder, that will become the inclination of the mind"

Joseph Goldstein

Online Monthly Talks

Blending contemporary contemplative practices with eastern philosophies and the ancient teachings of wisdom, these monthly talks offer teachings about living life to the fullest.

It's so important to keep the flame of inspiration and transformation burning to light our path in the heat of confusion and challenges and the simple day-to-day desire for growth and expansion. How we keep ourselves inspired and informed makes a huge difference to the quality of life.

Traditionally these talks are known as Dharma talks, as they transmit the teachings of the Buddha. These monthly talks bring a down-to-earth live transmission of knowledge that gives us the means to translate our lives' interests and challenges into digestible and practical instructions that open the heart.

Each month will focus on a different theme.

These talks are suitable for anyone who's interested in life transformation, personal development or spiritual awakening. No previous knowledge is needed

These talks are offered on donation. A word about that.....


In ancient times in the East there was an "agreement" between the spiritual community, typically monks and nuns, and the lay people, where the spiritual community devoted their lives to ​spiritual evolution and administered to the spiritual needs of the community, while the community supported the monks/nuns by providing for their material sustenance. 

Nowadays this beautiful exchange has been transformed by fixed monetary transactions which exclude many who are unable to participate in these kinds of transformative teachings.

The offer to invite you to donate is the offer to invite you to open your heart to the possibility that whatever contribution you can make - 1$ or 100$ - will make a huge difference and impact the well-being of us all.

It is also an invitation for trust, that your needs and my needs will be provided, that we can open our hands as much as we can open our heart to inter-dependance that is the natural fabric of our existence.

Next talks:

February 5th, 7PM CET

March 5th 2019, 7PM CET

Can't join the talk live?

A recording will be sent out via email to all sign-up participants

How does the talk take place?

The meetings will be held as a video call via Zoom. Once a donation was made you'll receive a link to join the video call

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