A residential programme to establish

Agents Of Change


By Christopher Titmuss,Shelly Sharon and Lila Kimhi 


Dates for 2019 will be announced soon


Two periods of 14 days each of intensive and practical training aimed at people intrested and willing in growing into the role of mindfulness teachers or incorporating mindfulness in their professional roles.

These residential programmes are offered in Germany and Israel. You can choose to participate in Germany, in Israel or both.

Programme and participation

To generate depth of practice and experience participants will be devided into groups of ten. Each group will be guided by one of the teachers, who will rotate between the groups so participants wil have the opportunity to have different experiences. 

Participants require the motivation to learn about the depths of mindfulness through their own experience and have the willingness to share their experience, skills and understanding with others.

Every afternoon, participants will step into the role of teacher. In this role, the participant will begin by offering a short guided meditation to one participant and will respond to questions from the participant. As the days go by, the number of students for each teacher will increase. The group leader will listen and offer a reflection.

A typical day starts at 6AM and finishes at 9PM. The first part of the day will be dedicated to inner practice and the second to group practice. 

Teachings by Christopher and authorisaiton to teach

On a typical retreat, Christopher alternates the afternoon daily talks/inquiry/small groups with another teacher, and perhaps sees a student twice a week, as well as sitting with the meditators three or four times a day. There will be more access to Christopher in the MTTC. He leads the small groups for a few days, alternating with the other teachers, leads the evening programmes, shares an evening with another teacher, and is generally much more available for interviews and leading groups and inquiry sessions.

The course aims to authorise participants to become teachers, although some participants may be encouraged to commit to retreats in the following year, explore further inner development and then meet with the teachers again after one year to discuss authorisation. The decision will be based on the teachers' perceptions of the participant over the four weeks and 200 hours or more of training. 

Who is suitable to join the MTTC

There are specifically five kinds of people suitable to join the MTTC.

  1. Teachers, seniors, dedicated practitioners who have participated in a number of retreats and engaged in service. We would like teachers/seniors mindfulness/meditation and anyone that teaches to encourage suitable people to join the MTTC.

  2. We invite MBSR teachers or in training, psychotherapists or in training, yoga teachers or in training, school teachers, social workers and similar fields of inner/outer work to join the MTTC, whether unemployed, self-employed, an employee or employer. We would like such people to add Mindfulness to their current work skills.

  3. Those who are completely new to such mindfulness training. We want such people in the helping professions and engaged in various forms of right livelihood to participate. We encourage offer to Mindfulness programmes in the public and private sector in their respective fields of work or apply their skills in fresh ways to society.

  4. There are people in transition who wish to contribute to society. MTTC provides the skills to enter into a new role in daily life. The MTTC offers a course suitable from college students to people who have retired.

  5. None of the above. We would like people to join who are emotionally well integrated, with little stress, caring and the capacity for clear comprehension and service.


The cost of participation covers accommodation and food. Teachers do not receive payment and you will be able to offer DANA at the end of each 14-day training period. See full costs in the flyer.


To register please submit the registration form. After evalution of your form you will be notified by email.

We look forward to your presence on the MTTC.

Christopher Titmuss

Christopher is a senior teacher worldwide. Poet, photographer and social critic, he is the author of numerous books including The Mindfulness Manual and Poems from the Edge on Time. He writes a weekly Dharma blog. A former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, Christopher is the founder of the online Mindfulness Training Course. He has lived in Totnes, Devon, England since 1982. www.christophertitmuss.net www.mindfulnesstrainingcourse.org