"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one"

John Lennon 



We always imagine the love that we want. We alway fantasise on the love that we want to experience in our lives.


Through imagination we create a bridge between the world we know and the one we want to embody and experience. We use imagination as it is kinder and more open to other realities than facts.


With this course IMAGINATIONS OF LOVE we grow beyond the facts, beyond what you have right now and reach to where you want to be.


IMAGINATIONS OF LOVE was created to guide you to experience all of the facets of Love through the use of written inspirations for deep experiences, recorded meditations and the use of your imagination.


Love is all that matters. Yet we don't get to explore it much beyond the desire for an intimate relationship, or with the ones closest to us. With IMAGINATIONS OF LOVE you get to experience Love as a frequency, as an ever-lasting and constant well of openness and support. You learn  that "you cannot accumulate love" AS  J. Krishnamurti said and that you are FREE to experience Love as a way of BEING.


Through love we gain power, wisdom and freedom of expressing ourselves fully with generosity and compassion.


If wisdom is the sharp tool of what we do in the world - Love, and imagination as a bridge to it, are the meadows of all possibilities. A ground to allow wisdom to sprout from. 


Through IMAGINATIONS OF LOVE you will be able to

  • Open up to all kind of loves that are available in life

  • Embody Love as a frequency and a way of BEING

  • Gain new experiences in relation to love 

  • Attract more love into your life

  • Release tension and stress around love

  • Dive into places you may not explore normally and gain some wisdom

  • Go beyond limited Love-believs 

Taste a meditation -

"Beloved Shelly

It was magnificent and wonderful. 

You brought in this journey so many unique and special angles to love, and not just love, everything really, the amazing metaphors, the gentle and powerful feelings, the beliefs and sensations.

I have reached new horizons I had never seen before, and you did everything in such a touching and exciting way with so much attention.

You built up from the ground, the lower foundations, to the great light of above and everything in one place all together.

Thank you for this great journey. Thank you for who you are, exposed and touching, generous and wise, and above all loving.

I love you lots back"



An EBook with written inspirations and guidance to your practice for 30 days - each day's practice 2-5 mins (or more if you wish)

Close to 30 recorded meditations to accompany your practice - each recording 5-15 mins 


IMAGINATIONS OF LOVE comes as a PDF file with all the love that you need in it. Recordings linked to a dropbox - you don't need a dropbox account to open and download the meditations!

Cost - 85 CHF

Unconditional love it priceless and you get to pay less than 3$ a day....