Does your life feel like it's flowing in two separate lanes, that who you want to be, your dreams and best aspirations are running in a different lane from how your life really is? 

Maybe you’re not sure how someone like me can help you. You feel you should probably do it alone, that you just need to get yourself together… otherwise it means that you’re too weak or not good enough, and anyway handing the reins to someone else to lead your life is just not sexy, right?!



Because you’re the kind of person I work with. And I was YOU once. 

 Working with someone one-on-one takes trust. I get that too!

When we work on something as important as our life it’s almost always a bit uncomfortable to reach out for help. 



Maybe you can come back here when you’re stronger, maybe when you are clearer, surely you have already dealt with your pain many times over, so what's the story now...


Your being here means that something deep inside you doesn't give a damn about how it would look, something deep inside of you says - "like this, no more, what’s the point!"

"Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you.


Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent.”

Parker Palmer

When I'm not leading retreats, writing a lot of free content and articles about aligning your life, teaching or recording inspiring meditations or leading a SoulPreneur group for women in Switzerland, I work with people one-to-one.

Working one-to-one has a unique quality that I appreciate immensely.

It might just be that you're here because you sense that too.

Taking that bold or courageous step to enjoy this kind of personal attention comes from that place inside you that knows that no matter how small or big a step is needed to get to where you imagined yourself to be by now in your life,

it starts from this very first step.

And you're curious or maybe already anxious to discover what and how.





To those who are not willing anymore to box their dreams and their greatness into a little corner and just get on with it,

to enable them to go beyond old habits and reoccurring patterns of self-doubt and self-judgment

to shine with no apology like a lighthouse

I’m not your average type of life coach. If you’re looking for a label I am some kind of an exotic blend between a life mentor, a consciousness teacher, a soul-friend, an echo or a memory of your possible you-version. I’m not here to dazzle you with big promises, I am allergic to wishy-washy New Age stuff, and I know for a fact that motivational gigs give you a kick that lasts no longer than a shot of a good espresso. 

My life has followed the urge to answer the deep and important questions.

I show people ways of not getting lost in the details of daily life

and finding a perspective that opens up immense possibilities

of living wholeheartedly with spiritual integrity

(which means embodying your values and dreams rather than just thinking about them)

"Working with Shelly is almost unexplainable. It's versatile and profound.

The openness, curiosity, sensitivity and incomparable sense of humour, coupled with the deep knowledge, experience and clear leadership which Shelly has shown me helped me a lot to re-think and change my life. 

I worked with Shelly on things like stage-fear, shame and fear of being not-enough and the meaning and difference between fitting-in and belonging. 

I used her advices and meditations in my work on stage and it worked very well. She is a really good supporter also on the phone in emergencies. 

I am grounded and free ME on stage and in life.

I feel much clearer, strengthened inwardly, soft and powerful at the same time.

I’m excited to apply my learned "tools".

Thank you Shelly for offering me such rare and precious points of view.

I'm sure I'll come back regularly to continue to align and challenge my life!”

Melanie Forgerson. Switzerland, Opera Singer


Without self-knowledge you cannot be authentic, and you end up living a borrowed life. You become a kind of hub for other people’s opinions

It is also the way to stop running away from your pain and learning how to transform it into expansive and supportive wisdom

Whether it's emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, vocationally, spiritually or in relationships

It starts from tearing down the walls you've built to protect yourself from hurt and satisfy your ego, and getting into the truth of who you are and what you're here to do and enjoy

No matter what you think of yourself right now, no matter what your blocks or your history are, no matter if you're not quite sure what you want - I am NOT here to amend your flaws and you are NOT here to "become better".


This is about you STEPPING UP to your own life to learn, to let-go, to relax your perfectionist's muscle and relax into your true essence, to shine with no apologies and realise how significant you are. 

Let's have a chat, completely commitment free, to get the feel of each other and see if working with me is the right fit

"Shelly is an emotional, mental and energetic genius/detective. Her ability to hold space and invite you into places inside of yourself you didn't know where there is exquisite.


As a therapist myself, it's rare for someone to be able to support and guide me through blocks in my growth. Thank you for allowing me to open my heart and mind, Shelly. "


Amber Hawken, Australia, Founder Amber Hawken & Calm Mind Project


Finding meaning in your life, or in a praticular event that has happened/happening

Gaining clarity on who you are, what you want, or any issue you're dealing with

Trusting yourself, your decisions, your intuition, your dreams and aspirations

Growing a sense of fulfilment, self-confidence and empowerment

Acquiring tools of self-discovery that support you for life

Tapping into a wealth of creativity, spontaneity and light-heartedness 

Untying buried or long lasting pain or trauma 

Becoming emotionally free and independent

Cultivating spiritual intelligence

Learning how to stop the struggle

Gaining more energy and focus

Discovering how to deal with uncertainty with inner strength and real hope

Opening your heart and understanding your feelings

Stopping being afraid of or avoiding what you want

You don't need to already know HOW to make this happen, nor to come fear-free (no such thing anyways)


  • You know your time is NOW. You've had enough putting yourself 'for later', or supporting everyone else before you support yourself

  • You're willing to open up to something new because you know it's about time to stop suffering

  • You're not sure, you hesitate, you're still a bit afarid of trusting someone else, opening up and telling "a stranger" your "life story", but something in you feels attracted and curious

Or You're...

  • An entrepreneur, a change maker or a leader with a vision for the new

  • An artist or a creative

  • A coach, healer or the kind of good person who's in service of others

  • A spiritual seeker, yogi, explorer of life

  • A sensitive, empath, giant heart

  • A beautiful being with a spark for change or growth


"Shelly opened doors for me to a new world of feelings and comfort. She has a wonderful way of helping you make sense of what you intuitively believe - bridging the conscious with the unconscious.

I love the way she brings calm into life, often through wisdom but not only.

It's been an absolute pleasure to join her on this journey. I am very happy we met and have been working together for just over one year ."

T.A.T. Switzerland

"The meetings with Shelly gave space and legitimacy for everything that exists in me, the experiences and the most charged feelings inside myself, the chaos as well as the possibility to go beyond familiar boundaries. 

Her presence allowed me to touch the edges of myself and grow into a fuller and whole person.

Thank you Shelly for new possibilities, for your support and your love"

L.A. Israel

"Shelly is a coach's coach. Her intelligence is matched by her integrity and ability. Shelly’s skill set meets the particular demands of professionals in coaching and mental health. Her deep knowledge of social science, social psychology and spirituality is beautifully partnered with an intuitive feeling for the soul of the individual.

Whilst my body and mind were in conversation, it was Shelly that held the space where I could connect the conversation with inner spirituality. She speaks from the soul. She creates trust. This awakens and evokes the soul of others. I completed my coaching with Shelly feeling centred, awakened and prepared. "

Lynda Heffernan, Switzerland, Founder of Kaizen Mind


At the risk of being a bit simplistic and wishy-washy

yet with the desire to give you a sense of how it’s going to work for you,

I can say that - after working with hundreds of people around the world

that this is what you can roughly expect:

We start from where you are. What you experience as a pain/confusion/curiosity is just that - a starting point.

I call this starting point a trigger. It triggered you to do something about it. But it’s not the source... 


Finding a new focus of attention, beyond the scope of the difficulty. This gives you a sense of spaciousness, which leads to feeling more alive and vital, and the feeling that things make sense. You relearn to decipher the signs that drag you back to old patterns.

Reframing needs & questions leads you to feel that you are not alone!

You are seen and heard deeply


Now that you have more breath and free inner space, you’re removing distractions while getting at the roots of your question/life situation. This is a game changer. You’re beginning to connect the dots of other life events and feelings. You’r developing your own emotional intelligence which leads to more insights and coping skills with your daily challenges.

You're less controlled by feelings of not-enough. 


Developing a new state of mind that leads you to experience more freedom and happiness in your life. The courage to reclaim your space in the world, the capacity to stay true to what you really care about. Goodbye compromise, hello assertiveness

Acceptance, the non-fake one, can only come from insight. You have more space to face what needs to be faced without fear.


With a new inner strength and huge clarity, you see the long lasting results and your life feels more aligned. You have strategies and tools to keep using for the future. People notice the changes in your being. Maybe you don't desire this right now, but when you get to this point you also have a lot to share and support others with.

The flow of creativity is natural to you, so is a sense of inner peace, strenght and openness.

Feel ready to make this magic happen? - I can't wait...

Want to see how we're getting along? - So do I...

Curious about how this works out for you? - I can tell you, just call...


"I am  a serial entrepreneur and have founded four successful companies in the last 25 years with a total value of about €40 million. Together with my wife I'm developing a global brand and mission that is all about empowering people to find their life purpose and creating the life they love to live.

I started to work with Shelly  because I wanted to get to the next level of my personal evolution. I got a bit stuck and wanted to get past some limiting believes  and some self sabotage patterns which I felt didn't allow me to grow as I wanted to.

Shelly is an exceptional mentor, coach and trainer with no bullshit attitude :-) She's super intuitive and gets to the point, the real point, in an extremely short time. She is a coach who has both feet on the ground, is very practical and to the point.

I'm an absolutely believer in mentorship if you want to have accelerated growth. If you are looking for a mentor who has not only a big heart but is absolutely passionate about YOUR development, if you want to change something in your life I can highly recommend Shelly to you. 

It is an absolute pleasure to work and grow with you Shelly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart !"

Kai Klinge. Switzerland. Co-founder of The Mahima Mindset

"Shelly has been helping me through a difficult moment in my life. I have separated from my husband of 30 years. When I speak with Shelly, I feel encouraged and inspired.  I come away feeling comforted and enlivened, and at the same time focused. 

Shelly points to the deeper meaning of what is happening. She holds the space for me. I feel so grateful and appreciative of my contact with her. Thank you Shelly!!"

L.G. Italy

"I came to a point where parts of me are terrified to do any further exploration. It's a terrain where I have not found anyone so far whom I have trusted enough.

With you I feel like I'm finally ready to discover that path and I know that you have the strength and the power to guide me through this"

M.H. Canada

"I came across Shelly when I was longing for some guidance (which honestly I wasn’t sure what it is exactly I was looking for) in a journey I started I suppose by myself, but couldn’t really define and crystallize on my own.


Shelly helped me do that and more ! Of course this exploration never actually ends. Still her voice stays with me in those moments in life where I recognise I should stop (breath), feel, observe and live more harmonically than before."

D.N. Switzerland

"Working with Shelly was the best present I have ever made to myself and certainly, the most exiting journey I have ever embarked on!

With her loving and playful approach, she accompanied and encouraged me on my big journey of meeting my authentic self, by gently facing my insecurities and becoming friends with them. This was a step by step process, in laying down the foundations of my inner circle of stability that transformed my life and every aspect of it, profoundly.

 I learned to embrace myself just as I am and look at myself and the world around with compassion, love and joy through the prism of the heart.


My relationships flourished naturally as my ability to see and speak up my own truth grew stronger and stronger. I became capable of discussing issues with my boss that I was never able to speak up before. My colleagues seek more and more my opinion also on topics outside of my competence area, as they are naturally drawn to the creative energy emanating from me. It is so liberating and empowering to be in this energy flow!


It takes a big portion of trust and determination to walk the bumpy road to meet your authentic self. Like a roller coaster, it leads you through the deepest and darkest places in your heart but once you face what lies beneath, you suddenly discover that actually, only light, love, joy and creativity reside there.  


I cannot thank Shelly enough for "opening my eyes" to the true colours of my authenticity and I highly recommend her to anyone who is truly committed to re-connect the dots of his unique qualities and talents – those residing in the heart."

V.T. Switzerland

"Working with Shelly is the best investment I have made so far in my business and  my life.

Before working with her, I had some ideas of what I would like to do  but no clue how to actually make my goals happen.

She deeply sunk into understanding and connecting with me, especially in times when I got lost, she held the candle for me while I regrouped and regathered.

Shelly's incredible and insightful vision allowed me to uncover the truth of  what I do on the deepest level.

After working with her - I am 100% clear on WHO I AM and what I am offering, It has illuminated a crystal clear path for me.

She is a true Master and a soulful sister

I just love her so much."

Dalit Langosky. Israel. Inner & Interior Design

"Shelly is a teacher's teacher, an incubator of leaders, a passionate and skillful master. I knew from the moment we met that I could trust her blindfolded which I did, and that is a big step for my kind of critical mind.


Shelly holds magnificent space with fierce love, she weaves into the unknown with total confidence and took me right into the spaces that I needed to see to bring the transformation I was longing for."

S.A.S.  Switzerland

"Working with Shelly enabled me to settle more fully and respectfully within myself, discovering the inner landscapes anew, beyond the imprisoning preconceptions I had cultivated about myslef. 

Her beautiful deconditioning presence freed up courage inside me to say yes to a 'greater me', and say yes to following the path of my vocation with greater confidence and determination"

S. M. Switzerland

"You have one leg in the material and concrete world, and another in the spirit world, the consciousness space and internal intuition. And also the unique ability to connect the two

with sensitivity, skilfulness and practical results.


You have the ability to connect the linear and circular and contain them both simultaneously

You have the unique ability to bring focus and discern clearly the marginal from the main point

to concentrate on the archimedes point from which everything start and evolve to 

all possible directions.


You have the ability to persist and press where it hurts

with love and compassion

without giving up even if pain arises.


With you I could inquire into the infinite space of consciousness and feelings

and still achieve concrete practical results”.

O.A. Israel. Strategic intervention coach and NLP trainer

"Shelly mediates between my deepest wishes and myself, help uncover and expose them gently and in my own rhythm. I love so much our meetings and wait for them, I know that after each meeting another layer is shed and I get closer to myself.

Shelly is professional full of wisdom, intuitive and has tremendous knowledge. Aside all that she is sensitive, charming and caring. 

I recommend anyone who's looking for a change and personal development the Life Alignment meetings with Shelly"

E.S. Israel

"When you recommend something or someone there's an attempt to define what it is you are really recommending, what quality you're pointing to....

With Shelly there are so many things amongst the abundance of beautiful things that happen, like there is a voice inside of us that has a special sound, and then suddenly you realise it's actually your own voice - that kind of magic."

O.K. Israel

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