"The way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself as a person, is by creative work of her own."

Batty Friedan

Your Feminine Force

Feminine force. Wow wow. Hold it. Breath. What is it there? Stress, fear, confusion, a question mark??


The absence of feminine force from human life brings imbalance to the world. The feminine force is an energy that belongs to men and women alike. The absence of feminine force for ages both from the personality and function of women and personality and function of men has resulted in pain on both sides.


Here are few interesting questions I suggest you contemplate on:

How do you perceive the feminine force?

Is your feminine force in balance in your life?

How and when do you use your feminine force?


Each one of us (both male and female) has a feminine force which translates individually according to our astrological chart. Among other traits, it describes how we nourish ourselves and others, how we nourish ourselves in business and the work environment, what the most beneficial directions for us are, what we are looking for in our soul mates, and more.


It is not about sex that I am talking, nor about physiological functions. I'm talking about principle, about energy, about quality: these all are embodied within men and women on earth. 


The feminine force is one of the more pronounced elements to come powerfully to light as the new energies of higher dimensions become available. And the feminine is a force indeed, an ability to act in a certain way, a quality that expresses itself in a certain way, an energy available to all. 


The feminine force speaks through you. In this guidance I will describe how, and how best to open up to it. I will describe what your female warrior looks like, where she focuses her energy, what her feminine abundance is, and more...


I invite you to take the journey to the new world and to add your unique feminine force to your treasure box. No more fear, confusion or power games - simply an expression of energy. The feminine energy. 

Personal Guidance to the Current Lunar Cycle

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Taste from what others say about the guidance 


"I'm still so excited by the depth of your guidance. 

Giving a home to my heart echoed, I cried so much!!!

Your guidance shed light inside on unsupportive structures for the home in my heart"


"Thank you so much for the guidance... It's truly fascinating!"


"I read your guidance for abundance and I was so touched, when I read it the first time I felt its accuracy and connection to my vision"


"The last guidance you sent me surprised me in its accuracy. You wrote to me that I might go on a journey - either physically or spiritually - I went on both... I was exposed to so many new things just as you wrote"


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