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"We think that accomplishing things will complete us, when it is experiencing life that will"

Mark Nepo


Starting August 23, 4 Fridays 5-6 PM @SoulCity

When was the last time you had a deep and nourishing rest

When you have an experience of deep rest

even during the more busy days of your week

you can find a source of stability and calmness

to guide you through


In a world that seems to have constant demands from you

to know how to tap into rest is to have a priceless tool.

Rest is a result of the capacity to put aside the worries and everyday's stresses,

it is to know how to find a calm centre at the heart of any moment

This is a special meditation course that will both

This course includes:

  • 4 weeks of hands-on guided training in mindfulness meditation, 90 mins each week 

  • PDF summery with guidance and information on all teachings of the 4 weeks for you to keep

  • Recorded meditations sent to via email to help your self-practice at home in between meetings

  • Direct access to the teacher for questions and feedback on your practice for the duration of the 6 weeks

** Meditation cushions are provided **


Classes are taught at Soul City studio

Dienerstrasse 10

8004 Zurich

** Spaces are limited to 12 participants in a group**

4 Fridays, from August 23rd to September 13th, 5-6PM

Early-bird (until August 12): 100CHF 

Full price: 125CHF

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