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For women who grew because .... and in spite of...

and now feel ripe to heal the mother wound

to claim the fullness of yourself,

your relationships and calling

Your life is unique and you're not looking for a one-size-fit-all box.

This healing journey is tailored for your needs, your dreams, your deepest heart wishes.


You might find yourself in one of these situations:

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You just realised your mother wound

You left the past in the past. Maybe you even travelled to another country to start a new life, away from your mother.

But somehow what you ran away from has found its way to catch up with you.

Now you’re wondering if it’s time to turn towards those past events and unpack them without feeling overwhelmed.


It 's been more or less your secret, maybe you speak about this with just a few, a very trusted group of like-hearted women.

Yet it feels that there’s more room for support if you are to feel free to genuinely move on with your life.

You tried a few things... but it was helpful partly or not really in compared to what you need and where you want to be

You’ve given this a shot.

Perhaps psychiatry, therapy, meditation, women’s groups, and shamanic journeys among other things.

At the end of the day, you were not fully understood or given tools that realy made a difference.


Perhaps yo were told to just learn to accept or forgive. This doesn’t sit well with you! just brings up more frustration or shame.


Opening up again and trusting yet another new person to help you in the way that suits you feels tender and at the same time you haven’t given up.

The hope to feel fully at home with yourself, and be free from anger, angst or limiting beliefs is still very much alive and breathing within you.

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You’ve been on this journey for a while and now you’re curious or ready to deepen into levels of healing and greatness that were not available before…

This is not new to you and you've done already quite a lot.

Perhaps you’re even in a position of helping others with your coaching, healing or psychotherapy.


But you’ve reached a point where you want to go deeper and be helped in a way that allows you to fully shed the residue of the past.

Some repetitive issues woke this desire or a recent trigger you thought was already dealt with. Whatever it is, you’re clear on the fact that support can go a long way and you’re up for something different and unique. 

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You'll have great success in working together if you:

  • Don't care for a fast-food mentality and know that a genuine and honest shift takes commitment and some time

  • Aren’t interested in being told what to do but are excited to discover the fulness of your sovereignty and are willing to get engaged with someone who can see you as equal

  • Have an open mind and heart for going beyond familiar limiting beliefs and discovering the possible empowering narratives with an occasional compassionate kick in the b*t

  • Don’t want to spend time just talking and have some embodiment experience or are curious about incorporating that in your healing journey

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If you’re still not entirely clear on what the mother wound is,

here are some more things to consider:


The mother wound is an injury in your emotional body created by the dynanic with your mother.

Through consistent lack of support for your bacis needs or of your true nature, whether because of your mother's personality, condition or an inherited anscetral wound, you had to minimse your presence, to give away your agency and therefore cultivated a set of limiting belives and patterns of being. It taught you to step out of your wholeness.

But don’t you worry, you will find your way home back to herself!

Some of the most common struggles of the mother wound are:

  • Prioritising your needs and dreams

  • Seeing your experiences, knowledge, capacities as valid and valuable

  • Shame or guilt

  • Feeling alone or frequently misunderstood

  • Not really settled in a sense of belonging

  • Expressing what you feel, what you think, what you mean

  • Trusting yourself or others

  • Believing that you need to do everything by yourself or always be the strong one

  • Pleasing or fearing abandonment if you showed your vulnerability

  • Finding it hard to receive, to rest, to lean into ease

  • Setting healthy boundaries

If your mother was:

  • Dealing with sickness, suicidal tendencies, trauma, mental illness or addiction 

  • Distanced, unaffectionate, unexpected, criticising or dismissive of your gifts and personality

  • Acting as your best friend, dependant, competitive or silent when you needed her to take a stand

  • Absent physically, emotionally, spiritually or energetically

Then, most chances are that the mother wound is part of your life


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I was overburdened and exhausted from meeting different demands that others (e.g. my children, my job, and my mother), and especially I made on myself.


Right from our first session, Shelly was able to guide my attention to my needs, unanswered feelings and vulnerabilities. She has incredible wisdom and intuition to find phrases, metaphors and images for unspoken beliefs and desires.


At first, I wanted to learn how to not feel the unpleasant feelings but now I know the right question is ‘how can I process them?’. I’ve gained a lot of tools.


If there will be another crisis I know how to deal with it, and I have the resources to have an inner conversation with myself. I am deeply thankful for Shelly for this truly formative journey!"

E.K., Switzerland