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Conscious Business

"Through work, human beings earn for themselves and their families, make a difficult world habitable, and with imagination, create some meaning from what they do and how they do it."

David Whyte

Work is the temple of our expression in this world, and it's up to us to make it shine.


A work place shines when it offers meaning, when it feels safe and supportive to the people who come to work there.


One of the biggest struggles in the modern age is - can the work place address the longing for meaning?!


There’s a growing acknowledgement for the need for a different kind of language we can use in the work place to create a safer space, a different structure that will allow people to feel happy in the work-place, and a new approach towards productivity and results that will open up new horizons for the business sector.


The world is changing rapidly and drastically. Leadership is tested to its limits.


I would like to invite you to make a cutting-edge investment in the emotional pulse of your organisation!


Here you can find various ways in which I work with companies and groups of various types - NGO’s, corporates, public offices, organisations. 


I don’t sell packages as I believe these processes yield better results through a tailor-made framework.

  • Change management

  • Organisational health & Wellness

  • Artful Leadership​​

  • You have another brilliant mission for me...

Change Management 

consultation focuses on introducing the right structures and processes to allow the change you desire to happen.


Whether deliberately sought or entirely unexpected, change is not easy to embrace. Managing an organic and supportive change can make a huge difference to the future of your company and the prosperity you desire to create.


Some of the results for change management consultation:

  • Bringing clarity to goals and desired outcomes for change management

  • Identifying the forces working for and against the change

  • Supporting change leaders based on personal needs

  • Aligning everyone involved with a YES

  • Creating supportive and wise human systems for incorporating change

Conscious Business

consultation, or what is referred to often as organisational health and wellness, focuses on raising awareness to the impact the organisation has on its people and on the world. 

Conscious business introduces practices that allow inspiration to be an inherent part of work culture. It entails a more honest and courageous conversation within the organisation that leads to a higher level of satisfaction and happiness amongst its people.

Some of the results for change management consultation:

  • A coherent organisational direction

  • Deeper level of engagement

  • Improving personal performance and well being

  • New levels of commitment and accountability

  • Setting a conscious human system for decision making

Artful Leadership

is not a technical competency and thus relies on the vision, clarity and inspiration of the leader.


To be an Artful Leader is to face boldly the hidden elements of your true self making them explicit through inspiring communication and strong engagement with both yours and your surrounding's highest potential.

The world is presenting new challenges and Artful Leaders need to take on new questions. 

Some of the results for Artful Leadership training and guidance:

  • Understanding your unique leadership gifts

  • Developing a way of knowing which doesn't separate between facts and imagination

  • Stronger and more reliable sources for decision-making​

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