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"Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature."

St. Augustine 

I enjoy being a channel. I find it fulfills my life purpose and I do it with all my heart.


Channelling for me is the art of translating pure energy into supportive and practical information in repsonse to questions of all kinds, from the mundane to the universal. You can ask any question from any area of everyday life. Channelling is healing.


Spirit allows you to look into and beyond, to gain insight on the present moment, on events and stories that take your attention in daily life. Past-life issues can also be clarified through channelling.


Channellings are always loving, even when challenging, and they are always free from judgment or criticism.


My channellings are rich in metaphors and inspiration. This allows the information to be multi-layered and to accommodate the personal dimension of the recipient, and to express the richness of the origin of the energy that comes to you.


Your questions receive answers from the Being which has the most beneficial and suitable information. There is no guarantee that the channelled Being will be your spiritual guide. 


Normally I channel a group of Beings from higher dimensions that are known as Serina. Serina has a strong feminine quality, she is a divine mother, a flow of compassion, the Mother of the Earth. 


Serina’s channellings bring to life the need to follow one’s own passion in life, self-reliance instead of social/political reliance, teaching how to ‘think from the heart’, and the healing of Mother Earth. This feminine quality is a spark of wholeness in men and women alike.


If you are interested in universal and in-depth questions, you have come to the right place.

Channelling can be delivered live, written or as a recording. Live channels last up to 60 mins, and conducted on-line or face-to-face if I'm in your area. You will receive a recording for a live channel.


You can choose to receive a channelling from Serina or to allow the energy that is best for your questions to come.


You can ask up to 3 quesions for one channelling. 


I highly recommend to make sure your questions are clear and focused, as you will receive answers to the questions you have explicitly asked. You can ask only about and for yourself.


The cost for a channelling is 190 CHF. 

To schedule a channelling

A cost of a package of channelling and Intuitive Guidance is also available for 340 CHF. This can assist you in exploring and understanding more deeply the answers you recive.


To schedule a channelling & guidance session
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