Discoveries of the Authentic Voice

20 August

11:00 - 15:00, Gallusstrasse 4, 8006 Zurich

Special workshop with Shelly Sharon and Nili FIsch


The voice is the soul’s signature of your human heart. It is so unique, like a finger print, there is no one else on the planet with a voice like yours!

From a sign of making love, a cry, a chant of AUM to speech and conversation we use our voice to express our whole being.


Callings of heart and soul is a workshop that will teach you to use your voice (and not be shy about using your voice).


We bring an ancient knowledge that goes back way before the Tantra way - back to the age of Atlantis.

In the ancient societis sounds vabrations, like the AUM, were used to awaken the inner world and bring out the heart's wishes to the concrete world. 

Like the AUM, in Atlantis the Lemurian Tones were used to

- awaken your heart,

- bring energy where it's needed, 

- cretae healing

- remind you of all the sacred knowledge

you are looking for.

In this unique workshop we will activate your heart through the connection with ancient knowledge by using Lemurian overtone.

Overtones are healing sounds, which lead to deep relaxation. They touch every part of your being, bringing harmony and balance. They release your fears and emotional blockages, enable access to higher consciousness, help inner guidance, and connect you with your true nature. 

In a special collaboration with Nili Fisch, we will bring our ancient knowledge of awakening your DNA to enable a better and deeper understanding of your life.

Expressing your authentic voice can be acheived through learning how to use your voice in a way that reawaken a deep inner truth, one which is not bound to words.

Nili Fisch is a teacher of “living your spirituality in everyday life”, sound therapist, nurse and midwife. Using a great variety of methods Nili teaches how to master your life, awaken your potentials and express them, bringing harmony into your everyday life. Once a midwife – always a midwife - Nili helps people to be born into new levels of consciousness, into a new life.

No previous knowledge or vocal experience is needed. 

Price - 230CHF 


At Yoga-Tribe Studio - Gallusstrasse 4, 8006 Zürich (comment - this workshop is not a yoga workshop)

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