How to Release Your Pressure

It feels so intuitive to squeeze ourselves into a form of being that seems to be the right way for appearing in the world. I remember squeezing myself into very tight trousers when I was a teenager. Lying on the bed and breathing into the chest so my belly would disappear and I could finally close the zipper. Did it matter I couldn’t breath when I stood up and started waking? No. Appearance was more important. The problem with me is that appearance matters for about 2 minutes before I say fuck it and take the trousers off to wear something that will allow me to breath again. Way before I fell in love with the breath through meditation it was already there to teach me with her wisdom about th

When We Give Up Our Anger We Give Up Our Healing

In a dream I run at night to the forest. It was dark and scary. I reached a clearing without many trees around. To my right a small stone wall to the height of my knee. I was afraid of the wolves in the forest. As I run by the stone wall suddenly a fury animal rolled down from it and landed on the leaves covered ground. I was afraid the wolf found me. But I looked closer and saw it was a beaver. Phew. I breathed again. But then. The wolf indeed came. My dog, Muss, came to help me. She is a big black Labrador Retriever. Muss told she’ll run towards the heart of the forest to distract the wolf and buy me time to run out of the forest and so I did. In a split of a second, as can happen only in

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