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Letting go of everything that feels squeaky. Holding a conversation with the absence of the things you yearn for and the presence of the loud experiences that exist. When you stretch yourself between presence and absence you hear god rhyming with your breath. Finding yourself in everything you touch on with your thoughts, feelings and words. Tasting the essence of your being and letting it melt into your soul. Releasing yourself from the chains you plait around yourself. Wrapping your darkness with a blanket dotted with heart’s truth. Resting in the middle of the storm. To be home in your wounded body, finding peace with the way the day unfolds. To be at home in your brittle heart discoverin

Fall In The Right Direction

Not doing the right thing and ending in the right place Not knowing what to do with your day and finding ample of creative empty space Not condemning your scattered mind and meeting an open heart Not rushing to achieve a thing and falling in the direction of self-love The way to all possibilities often starts with a ‘not’. Some clearing of should’s that cemented themselves at the centre of our world, a wall we dare not even pick from behind. The way to all possibilities, the way to a heart that is filled with lovely fresh starts is achieved through a radical undoing. Why is it so difficult to give ourselves the sweet nectar of the love we yearn for? Why do we fall prey to the voices that mak

The Power Of An Open Heart

If you ever tried growing a tree from a seed you probably realised it’s not really possible. Perhaps you had a seed from a good apple or an apricot stone and you were inspire to put it in the ground and let it grow. Yet nothing happened. Many trees don’t really grow from a seed. There’s a term that’s called grafting. You need to know how to make the right cut of the right brunch that will be carefully tended to grow into a new tree. To our mind this sounds absurd. To cut a piece from a healthy or successful movement in our life in order to grow something new! just like the tree, in order to grow we need to cut away something and give it new conditions. It’s the natural model of infinite givi

The Five Stages Of Grief

This is our dance with grief, love... Denial. You build a sandcastle. A wave washes it away leaving behind it a pile of grains glued together with salty water. You announce it’s just a mistake in the timing of the waves and continue as if nothing happened. Anger. You build another sandcastle. The wave washes in and leaves behind it a muddy paste which you resent. You blame yourself for not being better prepared. You shout at the government for ignoring climate change. You throw mud balls at the waves. And you continue as if nothing has happened. Negotiation. You build another sandcastle. This time, before the wave comes in, you build around it a wall using stones you find on the shore

Brittle Vulnerability, Tender Fear And Freeing Your Heart

Don’t try to be strong. Be a mess Be a bundle of unexplained feelings, growing out of nowhere like wild flowers in a field. Let all your fears out And watch their joy Like birds breaking free From a cage. Even with a broken wing A bird , or a fear, Will take freedom At any time. Keep your vulnerability Moist and exposed. Let me tell you A secret - it will not hurt. Getting sick Or old Or lack of money Is the vulnerability Of simply being human With a tender body and heart. Washing your feelings, fears and wants with bright day light, pouring them into a narrative of a poem, a painting, a dance, a friendship is how your vulnerability comes to life. In every feeling and every heart’s idea liv

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