Courage & Fear: Two Sides of The Same Heart

I never understood courage. Where does courage really come from? And how? And why? What can you actually do when you’re possessed by fear and need to get over it and exercise courage? And why do people alway say ‘that was very courageous of you’ when I never felt courageous I just did what I felt I needed to? I’ve always found courage to be an interesting human phenomenon. So I looked into it as deep as I could. Here are few things I’ve found: Courage comes at the end of a road We all come to an end of a road at some point in our lives. It could be a major road like a big career shift or a separation from a partner we’ve been with for ages. Yet there are also endless little byroads we

Love Confuses Me And Attracts Me All At The Same Time

You can listen to this letter here The heart never closes down. Never. The heart is an open river and if we let it, it will flow with emotions freely. To your heart anxiety and joy are the same movement just different colours. Sadness and excitement are not a problem but an energy that needs to be expressed. Confusion and uncertainty are different ways of creativity. Things get complicated when the mind is involved. No, more than involved, when the mind is taking charge. I was thinking a lot of how I can be of service. I have been offering lots of videos, online classes with guided meditations (another one is coming soon), recorded meditations and writing from the perspectives of the


Turn towards the new day that has left all unfulfilled anxieties bereft and brought you a fresh basket of new possibilities Turn to the smile of your innocent child to pink, yellow and white spring buds encouraged to greet you no matter your state of mind Turn to the workers that rise up with crack of dawn to build new roads that you and I will soon pass on mindlessly as we go about our to do lists Turn to your friends to your strength to your kind beating heart. I promise you It is there Turn to the language that brings you alive that reminds you of life Beyond fear. Turn to all the loves that have opened your heart once. Twice. Countless of joy cries. Turn to the earth beneath your feet to

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