9 lessons 2019 taught me

Life flows like a river. The water keeps on running and if you don’t stop to sift through the stones you wont find the gold nuggets. Even though some of the experiences were difficult, and this past year has been the most challenging year of my life, I still feel that taking the time to draw on the lessons is an act of celebration. Nothing in life is a gift until you have unwrapped it. In sharing we come out of our shell and flesh out our humanness, our immortal self, and our interconnectedness. What this year has taught me might differ in the details of your own lessons. Yet details are brittle and what remains is a resilient heart throbbing as we enter the core of life. 1. Trauma, it is no

The Way Powerful Decisions Flow Easy

We say we need to ‘make’ a decision as if it’s a voluntary action we take. Deciding is much less a verb than it is a matter of becoming. A continuity of something hidden that flows in our inner life. The only action we can take is become aware of its own making. Like watching the sun rise in the morning from behind the faraway sea-line. You can observe it but you’re not making it appear. It’s important for us to be Involved, to make sure we’re not just puppets, that we’re not spineless. We want to feel ourselves and probably to also know ourselves and glean some meaning from our life by taking part. Watching the sunrise you can take part, which is not a mental ‘making’. You can stan

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