When It's Hard To Love Yourself Or Your Life

Sometimes it’s not easy to love yourself or your life. But when I consider all the other options I realise there’s nothing better than at least try hard to love. I can’t think of much in common between trying and love. Love is so total and trying is an effort that has one leg in here and one leg in there. Trying is an act of coming closer. Slowly, with dignity and respect, with good intentions and maybe even a brave heart. Trying to love the parts in you that you don’t love is to come closer to them. And the only thing that brings you close to something/one is awareness. To try to love hard is to become aware of what you don’t love. One day you’ll be so close to i

Unlock Your Special Gift As A Coach/Therapist

For years I lived under the shadow of ending up like my mother. With a clinical depression, not in control of my life, wasting a huge potential for happiness and self-fulfilment. I was so afraid this would become the truth that I locked down as deeply as possible any feeling that seemed a bit off, any thought that frightened me, and stayed as far as I could from any let’s-get-inside-your-insides form of support. A good friend from my days as a dancer told me about a session she had just had with her psychologist. She was excited by the revelations she had experienced and how it had changed the way she felt about herself. I was aware of the jolt of energy emanating from her. This, coupled

The 10% Lack Of Integrity That Fuck You Up

I realised in my own life that even if I live 90% in integrity that 10% fucks up everything. Often that 10% is being involved with commitments that don’t serve you (anymore). The threshold of backing off form commitment, is life’s invitation to live in 100% integrity. Because in energetic scale, 10% can be heavier and much more expensive than 90%. There are so many commitments we’re involved in: scheduled coffee time with a friend, colleague’s dinner party invitation, marriage, career, studies, old friendships, daily routines, habits, creative projects. From the smallest to the heavy-gifting ones. we’re engaged in commitments because life is all about relationships. Wanting to change, y

What Is Forgiveness

Sometimes it’s a simple letting go of a misunderstanding that hurt you, but didn’t twist your life upside down. Sometimes it’s finding a way to quite the echo of unkind words or deeds that keep on spinning around and around in your mind. Sometimes it’s recovering from the sour taste of lies or the bitterness of betrayal. Instead of waiting for the bitter ones to transform to sweetness, forgiveness might be embracing other tastes that are already sweet and delicious to your heart. Sometimes it’s rebuilding trust. In your self, the other or even trust in the world and the universe. Sometimes it’s a simple wish for healing, for genuine connection, to be seen and loved. Sometimes it’s

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