Beginner's Mind Sucks. But It Has Few Benefits

Yesterday my mentor told me I should step into a beginner’s mind if I wanted to gain the benefits she has to offer me. So I polished my beginner’s mind-shoes and stepped into it. I was told once that a beginner’s mind is a curious mind. But curiosity was the last thing that was on this mind. It was instantly clear, “beginner’s mind sucks”. You don’t know what to do. You’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing. The mind goes crazy with doubt. You’re trying to follow all the instructions and it’s all very overwhelming. Suddenly, I noticed a judgment coming up on my mentor and I though “if I’m a beginner how can I judge? I have no basis for judgment”. The judgment went away. Well, that was

How To Support A Loved One In Need

Open your heart for them. Empty your mind and hands for them. Offer them your presence, your free love. Offer them a deep listening, a witnessing. They might not need now your tried and tested advice. They might not need your most brilliant problem solving solutions. The might just need you to sit there with them and allow them to be themselves. It’s ok to be in pain. When you know that in your own heart you will offer them a most powerful medicine of being. It’s ok to not know. When you know that deep in your own heart you will offer them a most precious gift of being. It’s ok to be forged together by the vulnerability of this moment. To ask: How can be I be there for you? Wha

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