Why You Should Learn To FAIL

‘Fail’ etymology: Run out, come to and end, unsuccessful . There IS such a thing as failing. Or are you trying to avoid it by saying 'there’s no such thing as failing, there's only learning ?'. Here’s the problem with this perspective : everything that has a life will die. Everything that strives to succeed can and will at some point come to an end. If you give so much attention to start something new - a new life, a new way of being, a new project, a new career - you should also invest some energy to think about how it can happen or what if it will fail. When you’re honest with the possibility of failure you’re only empowering the chances to succeed. Fear of failing is really

Be Your Own Healer

Free space to explore and BE is the medicine your soul needs. The deadlines you give yourself until which you Should feel better, get over the grief, stop crying, hurts your delicate soul. You place your quest for new life, new purpose, new vision on a physical timeline and it keeps on slipping off to a timeline of its own. You cannot tame your soul. You cannot control the subtle energy of your being. You can only be your own healer. You can give yourself the freedom to BE what you need to be in the in-between zone. Transformation has its own timeline. It moves in a different density. It lives by different rules. It feeds on the freedom to make mistakes, to risk being foolish, to explore, to

Befriending Your Emotional Pain Is Easier Than You Think

Your emotional pain has no map. It answers no rules of right or wrong. It moves like a river that knows where it must flow. Here’s a life principle to consider: You only need to do it once! You only need to make that movement and turn towards the stream of your pain instead of turing your back to it. You only need to make this effort once and your inner spheres start to circle in the right direction. Going against the stream of your own pain is painful. Flow with it and experience a huge relief. Sarah was one of my Life Alignment clients. A very talented and strong woman. She has an extensive experience in yoga and meditation so spiritual teachings are not new to her. When Sarah came to me s

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