The Traps We Fall For on Our Way to Our Truth

When you start believing in yourself - you start slowing down. You know that what you’ll get in this life is not just thanks to hard earned blooded and sweated for results. You wake up to all the lies floating around that make you feel small, insignificant and in awe for all those out there who “got it” or “made it” better than you. You slow down. You make some space. You let go. You lean back. You start to FEEL. There are no 5 or 3 steps to believing in yourself. No hacks, no secret formulas, no “better version” of yourself. There is only YOU. A resonance with something that your heart opens up to without thinking. The time you take for a sacred break. The openings to what seems familiar bu

This Will Really Help You Change

Whatever you want to change will not happen with a brilliant cognitive elegant intellectual understand. Sure you’re very intelligent and you can understand things when you put your mind to them. But mind understanding will not lead you to change. You figured out you don’t have to comply with your mother in law’s suggestions that will make you Miss Perfect in her eyes. But you still get triggered when she tells you how it would have been better if you did [this] her way, right?! You understood that your hunger to make it happen in life made you a strong capable women but also very much in need of control. You understand that you don’t need control any more and it’s time to soften and

The Four Most Important Assets That Will Make You Rich

In an interesting conversation with my friend I heard myself say “I know some good therapists. I consider them an assets in my life”. I surprised myself because I never before thought about my therapists, coaches, mentors and teachers as assets We’re missing the point when we understand assets as physical material. The real ones are internal - not external. I have a lot of answers to the question I'm posing for you, but I wanted to stay with the one that surprise myself. Because all these people in my life are around help. Here are four of your most important assets: LOOKING FOR HELP. When I was 27 I wasn’t looking for help. But I needed it. I didn’t have a single night without a night

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