When You Take The Time To Stop You Move Faster

To stop for your feelings To stop for your questions To top for your ideas To stop for Love To stop to learn from your challenges The biggest fear that runs you is that if you stop you’ll lose something. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF LOSING? That everybody else will get ahead of you and you’ll be left behind seen as a failure? That everything you worked hard for will be archived and you’ll be left unnoticed? That you'll lose momentum or your drive or won't be able to get back to the track? It's good if we have the option to stop because if we're stopped by life without knowing how to stop we're f**ked. All our are fears start racing like mad dogs locked in a cage wanting to break free an

To Care For Yourself

To care for yourself Is to see yourself from within You may take a bath with milk water And rose petal and music floating in the air But if you don’t see yourself The bath will not take care of you You may buy the new dress you saw Passing buy the shop for days You’ll get a matching high heels shoes You’ll adorn your beautiful neck with a neckless But if your heart is not adorned with sweet words you whisper day and night to yourself The dress will not take care of you You can take care of your friends and friendships Spend time with those you care and those no one else care for but you But if you don't create an uncompromising friendship with all the things you don't like about yourself fri

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