How To BE Happy

Happiness is not the opposite of sadness It is not an end result of achieving anything not spiritual or material achievement. Forget about enlightenment or attaining wisdom, getting the messages the universe is sending you. There is nothing to figure out. It is simply Being. Happy. You cannot DO happiness, even if you chant happy mantras all day and say gratitude morning noon and evening. Happiness is simple BEING. Drop all the little ideas you picked up during the day that instruct you to be like her, or him or somehow better. And you’ll be happy. Love the things you love. Just love them. Love them hard, impatiently with no remorse or sadness. And you’ll be happiness. Make space for yoursel

Don't Ever Stop Care

Come sit with me by the fire on a cold starry night. The flames will burn through the frozen heart. And we will care about all the things we were afraid to give a damn. Let the heart lament the loss of kinship, the warm reaching hand of a stranger. The kind words that cost nothing to share, the wondering mind dares to ask but not answer. The day you knew well who you are. You are not dead yet, so don't ever stop care. And the stars will cry "It's simple to be still and shine". Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

I Was Always Afraid To Come Out The Stupid One

Once I was invited by the CEO of an engineering company to give a talk about change in the workplace. I talked about what stops organisations from opening up to change, initiate it or support it from the human perspective. My main points were that there’s not enough space for the heart or soul-life of the individual, that what really gives meaning to people doesn’t take part in the working environment, and that there’s a great fear of failing for which there is no room for honest communication. At the end of the talk, I opened the conversation to the audience’s questions. I could see the CEO moving restlessly in his chair. He then raised his hand as if he had a question but apparently he was

The NOW Is Rich

You don't need to chase your future plans to find richness and nourishment THE NOW IS RICH Everything you wish for, every dream you dream of, every heart bit you pray for is already here and now Chasing some ideal of happiness only drives you further away from happiness. You keep on running and running and running to find out nothing but structured images borrowed from a fractured and restless mind Make space for the loneliness, the shame, the loss of control. Stand still to meet your rage on life for piling up on you so many challenges at once. There's a space here that gives you a place to - finally rest. It is with rest that everything comes alive. A whole new world breaks

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