10 Lessons 2018 Taught Me

1. Always go for what you want Life is what you make of it. Starting from the moment you wake up to how you face everything else the day brings to your door. There are no promises that what you want will happen in the way that you want it to, in the time that you want it to, but if you continue on the path of what feels right deep in your bones, in your inner knowing - it will happen. And often (if not always) in the timing and manner most suited to you such that you yourself couldn’t have planned it. It’s not a New Age lesson in making miracles and manifestations. Life is a miracle, so everything that unfolds out of life is by nature a miracle. The thing is that we take so much for granted.

The Joy of Being Real

When you don’t try, when you are simply here now, when you don’t cover your sadness with a fake smile, When you are present To the flow of feelings To the coming and goings of Things as they happen You discover The joy of being real. Trying, fixing, improving, is very tiring. It draws joy away from you. No feeling, no life challenge, is unbearable. At the heart of every difficulty lies the joy of being real. The relief of feeling whole. When you’re real you are the depth of the blue sky, you are the blossom of all flowers, you are the leaping sun in the morning, you are the treasure of the world. When you don’t try, When you are simply here You finally rest Your lif

Embracing Loneliness

It’s normal to feel lonely. At times for a minute , at times for days But if you don’t make it your enemy You’ll discover a new strength You didn’t know you have. You’ll discover it’s not so easy To split into small pieces and never heal back. You’ll realise that inside your own loneliness there’s a core of uncompromising self-love. Don’t abandon yourself When you most need yourself Sometimes you loos meaning in everything. What made sense and gave structure or hope for your dreams dissolved into the abyss of formlessness and emptiness. In the darkest hour the stars will always shine. When you embrace your loneliness a new meaning to life hatches through the thick shell, Lightens your whole

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