What It Takes To Break Free From Feeling Not Enough

You inner mess, incompleteness, crazy differences, worthy your bowing down. Winking at your otherness. Celebrating your chaos, the incomprehension. Laughing at the holes, the wear and tears of your invisible suit you have for this world. Smiling at the shadows of childhood memories. Keeping things under control will only increase the pressure. Perfection can never be reached. Others will always have a different rhythm than yours, a different idea of what's right. Your pain will always be real. We all want to get rid of feeling not enough, but there's only one way to do it. Don't try to get rid of it. Presence is the magic key. It opens all doors. The doors that need to be opened are those

Your reset button is in ‘I don’t know’

Keep running to have more, to do more, to gain more, to learn more, to save more, just not to stop. Because stopping is death. Maybe not physical death. Sometimes psychological death is more scary than the death of the body. Fear of missing out, fear of not being supported, fear of not being enough are the base of the mother of all fears - to die. To seize. To be no more. Some relationships get to a point of no more. It’s painful, sometimes disappointing or simply sad. A relationship that was held by habits and rituals that cannot be continued any longer is looking for the reset button. The reset button is in the stopping. Resting in not knowing, dwelling in gain-free zone. You only have to

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