Eaten by Self-Doubt

You’re walking in a smoke screen, hearing voices telling you “go right” “no, turn left” “stop, don’t do anything, it’s not the right way”. Living a meaningful life means living with questions. It can become daunting when these questions are over shadowed by doubt. Making the unknown known is a creative process, a conversation between life and the deciphering of intimations and inner voices only you can sense. Doubt is not an independent entity that one bright day settles in the middle of your living room, filling it with vague, fallacious smoke. It is a state of mind born out of misinterpreting or even ignoring a creative process of bringing new life. One insight that can cut through doubt t

I Call Her Life

She takes you by surprise to hidden places, there you can find forlorn treasures and pieces that no one knew how to make sense of but you When she’s sad she speaks through the earth, shaking it and moving it, sometimes you lose your balance and sometimes you find the courage to hug her and say “it’s ok. I’m here for you” If she slaps you on the face it’s not because she doesn’t love you. She just noticed you’re not listening, not paying attention. And when you wake up she’s dancing and singing you hear the divine She always comes bearing one and only message. She always says ‘just relax. Lay back. Lean back. Relax. There’s nothing to struggle against and no real battles to fight’. When I fin

Addicted to Pain

I walked to the train station one morning last week. As I took the steps down to get to the platform a couple of mothers took the stairs as well, each holding the hand of her little girl. As the mothers got to the ground floor they let their daughter's hand go and the girls started leaping and running with giggles and laud laughter towards the platform. I was washed by their joy of this simple response - just running to the platform. Nothing or no one in particular was waiting for them there. Do you get it? ? I was struck. Are we addicted to pain? It led to me think if I remember moments of simple joy with my parent, joy that is wasn't tied to any specific action. How is it that we remembe

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