This is how you build trust

So often we’ll blame our difficulty in making decisions, our scepticism about the success of our plans, our inability to move on from hurt, our suspiciousness about turning a totally new corner…. We blame it on all trust. We say “I have trust issues”, I say: We don't have trust issues - we have listening deficiencies. Trust is crucial. It is a vital step towards wholeness. It is a necessary step towards working with the universe. It is a bridge between the known and the unknown. How do we build trust? We start to listen! Listen to your heart’s voices that tell you - “Yes, go for it!” OR “No - it’s not that.” Listen to the invisible signs that give you a sense of expansion or contraction. Lis

Writing lines in my head

I'm writing lots of lines in my head. I’v cleared the day for writing. Writing about love. But today I'm writing about fear. Because there is no love without fear. There is so much fear in the world. As I write this I can feel it. I can connect to you, right at this moment feeling fear. There’s a woman, she's busy with organising documents in her office, photocopies, envelopes, conversations with people behind a cast wall. Inside her there is fear. It hurts, sad to touch the fear. Each fear is a threat on existence. What if they discover I'm not who I present myself to be? Death. What if they see that I'm not worth it? Death What if I won’t be able to write something successful? Death. To be

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