How to beat comparing yourself to others

In 2011 I went through what I call a ‘break-open’. Up until then I was doing really well. I was working as a business consultant, acting as the third eye for companies, NGOs and government offices who are running community based projects. I was doing good in the world and I was making a good living with my own method of Mindfulness-based consultancy. But, like in a good fairy tale, one day my whole world turned upside down. I felt I couldn’t go on with my career. I felt that there was more to my life path and I need to finally pick up my life-long flirtation with spirituality and take that journey all the way through. I didn’t know where it would lead me, and I was afraid to let go of everyt

The Pillars of Relationships

I choose relationships that I consider to have some degree of friendship. Wether personal, collegial or professional relationships they have to carry the seed of friendship. We spend our lives trying to figure out who is our natural companion. Who is there that can ‘get us’, that can shelter our need for belonging, that can make sense of who we are. We are willing to invest a lot in a relationship to allow it to tell us who we are. We are as much defined by our relationships as we shape them. We co-create each other. Everything in life is relationships. From relationships between galaxies to amebas nothing in this existence can escape relationship. How are you approaching relationships? Are

The Good, the Bad and the Interdependent

It always fascinates me how during the course of one week of work there will be almost always one dominant thread that comes up in one way or another through all my one-to-one sessions. There couldn’t be a more beautiful and lively example of interdependence. Interdependence defies the good and the bad - we all spring out of the same web of life. Stepping out of the limiting and contracting search for symmetry in life - spirit & matter ; man & woman ; artist & physician ; Builder & dreamer - is to step into the web of interdependence, the hub where life is humming and buzzing and gushing with exciting engagements. Balance, that popular buzzword, is a painfully unachievable goal for the thin

Letting-go of Pain is painful

If you want to help someone to be themselves offer them love. Even in the face of Love - Why is it so difficult to let go of pain? I want to say that pain is addictive. But then I hold back. I’m afraid you’re going to feel judged or hurt. That you’ll see this as a personal accusation. Is it because we have so many addictions in our society? - Addictions born under plasters we put on the collective emotions. Or is it because shame has been our personal feeding ground for too long? You see, pain leads to isolation. It seduces you to concentrate on it and without noticing you are distanced from so much else which is not painful. All of a sudden anything that is not as painful as your pain is le

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