Women, Being Strong and Non-Linear Spirituality

I hate it when someone tells me “be strong” when things are tough. Yes, I know they have my best in their heart, it’s only …. only that it activates an old muscle of mine I’m working hard to relax…… When life puts you in a place of receiving rather than giving: What does it do to you? And then we hear everywhere all kinds of cliches: First learn to love yourself then you'll know how to (really!) love another ; You cannot (really!) give if you don't know how to receive. Freedom of spirit frees us from the simplified conditionings of “first..., then…" It is so scary for so many to be on the receiving end - even more so when life simply puts us in this situation and we don’t have much option. T

Mistakes and Spiritual Integrity

A mistake is a wandering from the truth. But what it the truth? Well, we won’t find out if we cover our mistakes with nice slogans like “There are no mistakes - only learning opportunities “ OR “There are no mistakes - only results”. As I’m wandering around these questions Why is it so difficult for us to acknowledge our mistakes? What could help us face our mistakes and failure without fear or shame? I read this beautiful comment by William Stafford on poetry: “Each poem is a miracle that has been invited to happen. But these words, after they come, you look at what’s there. Why these? Why not some calculated careful contenders? Because these chosen ones must survive as they are made, by th

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